New to Islam? An Invitation To All Women

ummi taalib
Sister Ayesha Va
New to Islam?
Dear sisters, I would like to invite all women to join me on a quest to understand and acknowledge the beauty of Hijaab.

In this article, I will point out:

1. Reasons for donning the Hijaab

2. Criteria to be met in fulfilling the requirements of Hijaab

3. Reasons for aversion from Hijaab

1. Reasons for donning the Hijaab:
As Muslims, we submit ourselves to the commands of Allah Ta'ala and the guidance of Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam.Each person, regardless of age, gender or status will be judged on the Day of Reckoning according to his or her actions and intentions. NOBODY is exempt from the divine laws of Allah Ta'ala. The Hijaab is a divine injunction placed upon fellow sisters who have are regarded as adults in terms of Shariah, through attaining puberty or 15 years of age if puberty is delayed.

Every woman needs to understand that it is a law of Allah Ta' ala and to don the Hijaab. Through donning the Hijaab she will Insha'Allah:
•Earn Allah's pleasure
•Define her role as a woman
•Maintain her modesty, dignity and honour
•Retain her identity as a ' Believing woman"
•Protect herself from the harsh elements
•Protect herself from the glances of men who are not her mahrams ( thus removing the fear of fitnah)

Islam preserves the modesty, beauty and worth of women. We have been commanded in the Quran to lower our gazes and to draw our cloaks(veils) over our bodies (Hijaab). We have been commanded not to exhibit ourselves or to mix freely with non mahrams. A rose smelled too often loses its fragrance.

It is mentioned In Abu Dawud Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam, indicated to Asma (Radi Allahu Anha) that when a girl reaches the age of puberty, she should cover herself except for 2 areas, to which he pointed to the face and hands. In these times of fitna when people's passions are aroused in various ways, the Ulama have ruled that the Niqaab or Purdah (face covering) is Waajib.
2. Criteria to be met in fulfilling the requirements of Hijaab:
Hijaab must be:
•Loose fitting
•Non revealing ie: thick and not transparent
•Not resemble that of men's clothing or the disbelieving women
•Not for pomp or show
•Not be perfumed
•It may be of any colour. Many women opt for the black abayas as they are concealing, least attention seeking and easily available commercially.

You are not wearing Hijaab if you:
•Beautify yourself with the curse of the 'camel hump' style Hijab/Scarve.
•Wear abayas or veils which are stretchy material, tie backs or tight fitting
•Wear transparent scarves or abayas
•Wear fitted leggings, short sleeves, deep necks, short tops etc with scarves and no cloak
•Wear 'migrating' scarves which sit on your head exposing a lot of hair, or which otherwise sits on the shoulders.

3. Reasons for aversion from Hijaab:
Sadly, many sisters cite the following as 'reasons' for not donning the Hijaab:
•I'm not ready for it. Maybe when I'm older
•I don't want to be a hypocrite and look holy when I am not
•It is so hot, so I am afraid that when I put it on I will not have the willpower to continue with it and will stop.
•How can I wear it to work? I don't want to be labelled a fundamentalist!
•But if I cover up, then my husband will gaze at other women and what if he leaves me because of the Hijaab?
•And besides, where is the proof that we need to cover up anyway?

All these excuses have no merit in them. We are ambassadors for our Deen. We are the flag bearers of Islam! We are the flag bearers of Haqq!

As a professional, I can vouch that Hijaab can still be maintained at the workplace, as many sisters wear it with pride. It is hot in summer, yes. But surely we can choose to wear light cotton clothing underneath our non revealing abayas.

Do not think about falling off the wagon, because if you do then you most likely will. Think positive thoughts that the Almighty will be pleased with you and that His pleasure is above all else.

And to my dear sisters who will wait until after marriage to wear the Hijaab or who refuse to wear it because of fear of divorce, do not become a slave to your suspicion. Be stylish at home and ignore the whisperings of Shaytaan. Keep your faith strong and seek help from Allah Ta'ala.

Written by: Sister Ayesha Vadia Moola for