New to Islam? The story of Prophet Suleman (A.S) {Solomon}

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Bismillah hir Rehman nir raheem
The life of our Prophets is not only an example for us, but its a lesson in an autobiographical way. Every Prophet who have ever treaded the earth left behind unanimous stories and lessons valuable than a mountain of gold. WE not only learn how to live our lives following their steps but we also learn to beleive in our One and Only Allah through their stories.

It is narrated that when Hazrat Suleman was granted kingship over all the world, he decided to feed all the creatures residing on earth, so as to honor his kingdom. So he prayed to Allah and asked Him to allow to take care of the food system for a whole year for everyone, but Allah denied the request replieng thats its impossible for him to do so, hazrat Suleman requested for one month still he was denied, he requested for a week still he was denied, then he requested for a day , and Allah denied replieng that its impossible for him to do so for one day even. he requested for one time, so Allah gave him permission to feed His creatures for a part of a day.
Hazrat Suleman ordered Jinn ( Ghosts ) and humans to collect all the food avaiable on earth be it for a carnivore or a herbivore. So food was collected for 3 or 6 months. He then ordered them to be cooked in big cookers and pans, and ordered the wind to keep blowing over it so that it wont rot when the feast will begin.
when all was ready, Allah asked Hazrat Suleman who would he like to recieve as guest first? the land creatures? or creatures from water? Hazrat Suleman opted for the fishes. so Allah sent forth one of the biggest fish living in the sea.
When the fish came forth it asked Hazrat Suleman "Is it true that you have sent an open invitation to all of us today?"
Hazrat Suleman replied "Yes, and you are the first one, so start eating whatever you like"
the fish started to eat from one end and it went on eating until it ate all the food that had ben collected over months, when everything was emptied it turned towards Hazrat Suleman and said "O Suleman I am still hungry feed me!"
Hazrat Suleman was famished he replied "You ate all the food that I had collected for others and still you insist to be fed?"
the fish was replled by his answer, it replied "O Suleman is this is how you treat your guest? Ineed ! you should know that Allah feeds me this much three times a day every day of my life and indeed you have become a reason for stopping my food today"
When Hazrat Suleman heard this he bowed down to Allah praising His Kingship.

So my brothers and sisters have you ever stopped in your life and pondered how this world is moving? how every day everything works so systematically, the sun rises at its precise time the nights falls at its precise time? how come not even a fraction of a fault occurs in this system? how is it possible? who is controlling it!! my friends learn form the stoires of the Prophets ... they were sent to teach you valuable lessons... to teach you who Allah is ! Praise Allah for He is the Only one worth of Praise!!!