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The issue of joining the feet with the feet of the next person in the congregational prayer

The straightening of the rows in the congregational Salaah holds great importance and significance in the Shariah. As a result, the Ahaadeeth have interpreted this practice as being the perfection and completion of Salaah. >> Read More

Q&A - Refering to Sadaqtul Fitr

Q. Is it wrong to refer to Sadaqat ul Fitr as Sadaqat ul Fitr? >> Read Answer

The birth of Rasoolullah (s.a.w)

According to majority of the Islamic historians the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam was born in the 'Year of the elephant' - the year when Abraha came with his army to demolish the Holy Ka'baa. (Albidayah wan nihayah - 321/2 } >> Read More

Answer to appearance of Mahdi in 2004

Articles first published in Dar al Uloom's monthly magazine "Al-Balaagh" in the month of Safr 1424 Hijri (April 2003) and later published in Dar ul Uloom Duoband's monthly "Dar-ul-Uloom" This Articles is related to the year 2004 but however its researchable and knowledgeble points are benefits to all. >> Read More

Praying Salaah wearing a hat (Topi) or Imaamah

It is from amongst Islamic and ancient civilisations for men to cover their head. The usage of a hat to cover the head also originates from ancient time, though there are difference of opinion to the nature of the hat. >> Read More

The Shar'ee ruling of divorce pronounced in anger

The divorce pronounced in the state of anger is valid according to the majority of the scholars. There is one narration from the Hambalis that such a divorce is not valid. >> Read More

The demise of Rasoolullah (s.a.w)

According to the opinion closest to the consensus of the scholars Rasulullaah Sallallaahu alayhi wasallam passed away in the month of Rabiul awwal. The day of demise was definitely Monday by consensus. >> Read More

Husbands rights of wife's fathers wealth inheritance

A wife inherits a portion of her fathers wealth. So does her husband have any right within that inheritance? The husband tells the wife to give his share of the inheritance, regardless that the wife's father and the husband have no other relation for the husband to be entitled to that wealth. He is asking solely for being the husband of the deceased daughter. >> Read Answer