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About Us &

The scholars mentioned on this page are not directly associated with or its sponsors; nor are they necessarily active scholars answering questions. The purpose of this page is to distinguish the backgrounds of the eminent and renowned scholars who have been pivotal in the formation and success of this great free service to the public. began on the 1st of Shawwal 1424, 25th November 2003 and launched in December 2003., based in London (UK) is one of the fruits of Darul Uloom London. I would like to praise all my teachers for making this a possibility and giving me the strength, courage and enthusiasm I deeply required to gather the Ulamaa, such blessings of Allah, for this auspicious cause and producing this service online not just for Question & Answers but as a rivival of Islam effort. May Allah be pleased with my teachers, Shaykh Mufti Umar Farooq Sahib, Shaykh Maulana Saleem Nawaab Sahib, Mufti Mustafa Sahib (Principal), Maulana Dawud Paryeji Sahib, Maulana Muhammad Sahib, Maulana Yusuf Kothi Sahib, Mufti Ismail Patel Sahib, Maulana Abu Bakr Sahib (Nawwarallahu Marqadahu), Mufti Ibraheem Sahib, Maulana Abdullah Ibn Abi Bakr Sahib, Qari Abdur Rasheed Sahib, Qari Shuaib Sahib, Maulana Masood Alam Kazi Sahib, Hafiz Ibraheem Sahib, Maulana Iqbal Sahib. Ameen

Our aim was to give people the chance to ask Islamic questions and problems so the eminent scholars who have dedicated their lives for this purpose can attend to them in the correct manner. As well as the graduates of Darul Uloom London, we also have other blessed Ulamaa from around UK.

Since, the site has come a long way with the efforts of many individuals. The Q&A was terminated due to lack of available scholars. The Q&A was started when a need was seen in the early years of the site. Since, there are many organisations who take questions online.

Please feel free to let us know how you found our site and send any suggestions to improve the Deeni service. Jazakumullahu Khairaa

Shaikul Hadeeth Mufti Umar Farooq Sahib

Shaikhul Hadeeth Mufti Umar Farooq graduated from Jaami'ah Raandair, India where he studied a standard level of religious subjects. After graduation, he moved to Jalaalabad, India for further studies and a higher learning in Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh). After reaching his goal, he was immediately nominated a lecturer in Jaami'ah, Raandair. After teaching for a number of years there, he was called to England.

He is currently the Imaam and Khateeb of Madeenah Masjid, Clapton and a senior lecturer of Hadeeth (Including Saheeh al Bukhari and the prominent work of Imaam Tahaawee) at an Islamic Institute based in Kent. He is also a leading authority in the Shar'ee Council at the same Institute.

He has written numerous articles in Arabic, Urdu and also Gujrati which have been published in numerous magazines of UK and India. His proficiency and expertise are recognized in most religious subjects, but he mainly engages himself in the teaching and studying of Ahaadeeth and delivering Fataawaa.

He supervised the answers until 2004 for during our launch and initial setup. He guided our new Muftis on resources and classical books. Due to distance of location, Mufti Umar Farooq was unable to continue his supervision from late 2004 but we keep his profile on this page for credit that is due and for maximum recognition of the most unique scholar to bless the UK.

His vast experience and deep study of Ahaadeeth keeping all the Islamic perspectives in mind has made him amongst one of the most respected and trusted scholars in UK.

May Allah Ta'aalaa reward him highly and enable us to value his presence. Ameen

Mufti Abdullah Patel Sahib

Having completed full secular education,Mufti Abdullah also completed Hifz-ul-Qur'an at local Madrasah. From 1985-87, he completed his first year of 'Aalim Faadhil Course at local Madrasah under Sheikh Moulana Aiyyub Surty Sahib. (Damat Barakaatuhum)

In 1987, he travelled to South Africa to the institute, Darul-Uloom Azaadville where he completed the 'Aalim Faadhil course by 1992. He then went on further to strengthen his abilities in the renowned institute, Darul Uloom Deoband, India where he repeated the final year and gained entrance into Iftaa (Higher Islamic Jurisprudence). He completed Iftaa the following year.

Mufti Abdullah has studied under, Mufti Nizaamuddin Sahib (R.A), Mufti Zafeeruddin Sb, Mufti Habeebur-Rahman (Sb), Mufti Kafeelur-Rahman Sb. (Damat Barakaatuhum)

He is currently the Principal of Gloucestershire Islamic Secondary School for Girls, the Director of Gloucestershire Islamic Academy, the Editor of 'Light of Islam' monthly community newsletter and a teacher of Arabic/Aalim course (1-3 years) and general Deeniyat classes at Madrasah Noor-ul-Islam - (Local Madrasah.)

Maulana Qamruz Zaman

Maulana Qamruz Zaman resides in London. He enrolled at Darul Uloom London in November 1998 where he studied Islamic theology in a traditional method for seven years under the supervision of learned scholars. He graduated on 3rd October 2004 with a scholarship in Islamic theology or also known as an 'Aalim qualification.

In London, He is currently actively involved with the Muslim community in his local area. He teaches Tajweed, Arabic language, Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Ahaadith (traditions of the Prophet) at various levels. He is truly an asset to and may Allah make him firm in his missions. Ameen