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Marriage - Issues
16th June 2021

3 talaq under emotional gun point ....

n the knowledge of second marriage, first wife went under sever depression and had regular panic attacks and blood pressure spikes for 5 days. on fifth day she tried to take lot of medince in her hand for suiside. on this husband agreed to sing on the 3 talaq paper and did not give verbal talaq but signed on the 3 talaq paper. when signing he was under pressure for either to sign or go for public .....
Salaah - Performing
16th June 2021

Praying Tahajjud

Is it compulsory to sleep for Tahajjud salah?.....
Salaah - Performing
14th June 2021

Bare minimum in tashahhud

Assalamu alaykum, Is the whole attahiyat wajib? If there is less time can the two testifications ashhadu alaa ilaha ila allah wa ashhadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu suffice if I am in hurry? Thank you......
12th June 2021

Evil / Demons affecting me again

I need to ask a thing regarding how demons can affect one's life. I had suffered from black magic issues from almost 23 years, had a Ruqyah / exorcism done almost 2 months back, not just of me but also of my family's and things started to get better and i even got a job and moved to a different city. But last night, I woke up before Fajr, turned the torch on of my phone and i don't know what happe.....
Salaah - Recitation
14th June 2021

Correction of kalma

Assalam u Alaikum, Is صبحان اللہ right in written form or not?.....
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
29th May 2021

Making tasbeeh while doing other chores

Assalamualaikum.i am Imran iam from India.i am a student.my question is can we do tasbeeh of allah while doing other chores such as writing,driving,cooking,working etc.is it permissible to do to tasbeeh in such situation or is it considered disrespectul.please answer my question.....
Hajj / Umrah
8th June 2021


While performing umrah, can you do more than one tawaf? So, first I do a tawaf that's must for umrah, then I do 2 more tawaf before going into sahi to complete my umrah. Or should we do one tawaf and then go direct into sahi......
Salaah - Performing
1st June 2021

Leading fard salah twice

salaam mufti saab, i would like to know the ruling according to the hanafi madhab of leading the fard prayer twice? a collegaue of mind, whom adheres to the shafi madhab has informed me that a person can lead the fard prayer twice, also showing me various hadith. in my workplace there are many hanafis who are slighlty confused regarding this matter. i humbily request you to shed some o.....
Salaah - Performing
3rd June 2021

Standing up after Ruku

After Ruku I stood up before going down to sujud but I have doubt whether I stood completely straight up (with with my back Straight) and I didn’t do the prostration of forgetfulness after. Is my Salah invalid ?.....
Salaah - Performing
30th May 2021

Witr salaah

As-salaam-o-alaikum, My question is: If someone does not pray witr salaah, is his fajr salaah valid? I read on one of the website that if one misses witr salaah and prays fajr salaah without praying qadha of witr salaah, his fajr salaah is invalid. On that website it says 10. If only the Witr prayer has been missed, it has to be offered before Fajr prayer next morning. If a person has of.....
Ramadhan and Fasting
28th May 2021

Assalamu alaikom Sheikh, while i m fasting, i read in internet blasphemy against Allah non intention

Assalamu alaikom Sheikh, while i m fasting, i read in internet blasphemy against Allah non intentionally, does this thing, break my fasting?.....
Salaah - Recitation
24th May 2021

Prostration while reading translation oh Holy Quran

AslaamoAliakam I have two questions First I want to know that is it mandatory to prostrate immediately when u recite the prostrate ayat in Quran or u may may offer prostrate latter. Secondly, whether the prostrate is mandatory when u only read the translation of Quran in any other language e.g urdu or english. JazakAllaha.....
Ramadhan and Fasting
26th May 2021

Insomnia during ramadan

Alsalam aleykum, i have a problem every ramadan, i develop terrible insomnia towards the end of ramadan, Even I had to break several times my fast due to this problem, is this considered sickness? I make up every year but i feel very frustrated that i can not perform my duties fully in this sacred month. Please advice.....
Ramadhan and Fasting
24th May 2021

Is my fast valid?

For a fast of Ramadhan, I had a little bit of food left in my throat when subha saadiq began. As I had realised the time had sent in, I gargled my mouth thoroughly and tried to remove any food left in my throat. However, it still felt like a small part of the food was left in my throat but I could not remove it as it was already on its way down. Is my fast still valid or will I have to make q.....
Salaah - Performing
23rd May 2021


I started praying Isha around 11:50 pm because I was having issues keeping my wudu. I pray quite slowly so I finished 2 minutes past 12am. I heard Isha should be prayed before 12am so because my Salah went over 12am am I required to repeat ?.....
Ramadhan and Fasting
22nd May 2021


Dear Sir/Maam! Well there is an issue which i want to share is that i was talking to one of my friend during fast. I didn't masturbate but during call however i got some feelings and white fluid was ejected from my private thing.Like i dont use my hands or rub that thing. So my question is that did my Roza break or not ? or i have to go for kufara. Desperately Waiting for your reply......
Salaah - Performing
22nd May 2021


Can I read 4 rakat taraweeh go to sleep, wake up then read the rest?.....
Zakaah and Sadaqah
19th May 2021

I have two residential plots: 1. one purchased with the intention of constructing

Assalam o Alikum I have two residential plots: 1. one purchased with the intention of constructing house on that 2. other purchased with intention to save money for now, and sell plot to make house on the other in future. What are rulings of zakat for the 2nd plot?.....
Salaah - Performing
19th May 2021

Do you have to sleep and wake up to pray tahajjud or can i stay awake and pray tahajjud

Do you have to sleep and wake up to pray tahajjud or can i stay awake and pray tahajjud.....
18th May 2021

Yellow discharge

I have been experiencing yellow discharge before and after menses. If I make ghusl is it permissible for me to pray my other prayers with the same wudu until I see yellow discharge, or will I have to make wudu for each prayer. For example if I make wudu for zuhr salah and and I do not see yellow discharge then I’d prayer normal, but if I see yellow discharge at asr time then do I have to make se.....