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Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
3rd December 2022

Hadith on masturbation

I read the following hadith on masturbation: " سبعة لا ينظر الله إليهم يوم القيامة ، ولا يزكيهم ، ولا يجمعهم مع العاملين ، ويدخلهم النار أول الداخلين ، إلا أن يتوبوا ، فمن تاب تاب الله عليه : ناكح يده ، والفاعل ، والمفعول به ، ومدمن الخمر ، وا.....
1st December 2022

Money invested used for a different purpose and then stolen. Can we claim back our money?

As salam alaykum respected shuyukh... I need a fiqhi answer to a financial issue...can you kindly please help me .. Jazakumullahu khayran... . Here is my question : In February 2020, my husband and I invested money with one of his friends. The basis of that investment initially was that, after every 3 months, we get 25 % profit of the amount of money invested. HIs activity was buying expensiv.....
Salaah - Tahara
30th November 2022

Orgasms due to a medical condition

I think I may have persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD). Generally, the arousal symptoms are worse after showering (including after ghusl) and I have to sit still for hours before the arousal symptoms leave. The arousal symptoms also appear after going to the toilet to a lesser extent. I think they are caused by cleaning my intimate area (i.e. with water and my fingers) although I do not int.....
Hajj / Umrah
26th November 2022

Miqat rules from Jeddah

Salaams, I will be travelling from UK to Saudi to perform Umrah Insha'Allah. However, we will be staying in Jeddah for four nights prior to travelling to Makkah for the Umrah. What is the Islamic ruling on Miqaat in our case? Where can we wear the Ihram for Umrah? All guidance on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Jazakallahu khairan.....
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
26th November 2022


Assalam mualaikum Wahramatullahi wabaraktu. I was on the website Islamqa and I was looking at the question. Is it true that when u read surah Jinn you see a jinn?the person also asks how do you get one? Moulana Qamruz Zaman replys no this is not true to the first question to my understanding. If you go on Google search Syed Faisal Abbas Sheraz Pak amliyat he mentions that if you read surah jinn fo.....
Inheritance and Wills
4th November 2022

Inheritance issue's

Assalamoalaikom. My Question is regarding inheritance. I will give you the background to the whole issue. Me and my 2 brothers including our parents were financially in a joint system. I lived in Pakistan with my parents whilst my brothers worked in the uk . We lived in Pakistan mostly on my father's pension . Now and then my brothers would send money. If we wanted to buy land etc they would .....
Halal and Haram
22nd November 2022

Can I go to a basketball club in the west?

Long story short, I did boxing, left it because I found out it’s haram, took me some time but I decided I should pick Allah over my desires. Anyways my 2 brothers play Basketball so I gave it a shot and liked it way better, and started playing it way more and planned on going to a club, I finally got my membership at a local club, but I recently came across a video on my recommendation from Skei.....
Marriage - General
17th November 2022

Conditions of walee

Asalamu alaykum I hope your well, I asked a few questions pertaining to my nikkah from yourselves and they have all been answered and removed a lot of waswas and things that were playing in my mind so I would like to thank you very much. I have one last questions to remove all doubts and it’s regarding the my father in law who acted on my wife’s behalf in the nikkah with the imam conducting th.....
Marriage - General
14th November 2022

Nikkah done properly or not?

ASalamualaikum I hope your well. I have a question with regards to my nikkah and it’s really stressing me out. I just want to know if it was done correctly. I’m a hanafi and my nikkah was done in the mosqe. There were around 20 male witnesses, including my cousin who had studied ilm for many years. My wife was also in the masjid but was with the women in another segregated room. Her father act.....
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
8th November 2022

Mocking religion

Asalamu alaykum ww hope your well. I have a question with regards to the validity of my marriage. Alhumdulilah Im practicing and I recently made a joke about one of my friends who over ate and puked. I said whilst in a group of my other friends that so and so puked whilst he was in ruku position with no intention of mocking the ruku position or making fun of it. I spoke to my cousin aswell who has.....
Marriage - Issues
2nd November 2022

Writing a divorce word 2 times in text message can cause divorce or not

Assalamualikum! I live in Chicago. My husband and I got married in July 2022. We had an argument after 3 months, and he texted me Divorce 2 times. Can you please tell me if the divorce has occurred or not? We both love each other, and I cannot imagine my life without him......
Oaths and Vows
2nd November 2022

Not fulfilling vows or oaths

I am in my early 20s. Since around 15/16 I became reckless and careless by making many vows / oaths that are either too difficult to fulfill. But I really want to fulfill them. The money I have vowed or made an oath to give to charity has accumulated past what I have (and that is from savings and inheritance.) The salaah I have vowed or made an oath to give to charity has been too difficult......
Zakaah and Sadaqah
5th November 2022


Salam, I have serval sources of income and wanted to get information on how to calculate and pay Zakat on them. Salary: How do I calculate Zakat on my salary? Stocks/crypto: I own stock/crypto; how do I pay Zakat on those? Business: I own a restaurant with partners: How do I pay Zakat from my business? Software company: I own a software company with a Chris.....
17th October 2022

Dream interpretation

Assalamu Alaikum, Sheikh i want to the Interpretation of my dream in which i saw a plain ground and everybody was dropped dead or unconcious, everybody were lying (unconcious or dead) on their stomachs icluding me when suddenly i heard a sound and right after i heard it everybody started to rise simultaneouslyand started moving in one direction, nobody was looking at each other we all were just he.....
Naseeha - Advice
23rd October 2022


Assalamu alaikum Mufti, I am a 31 F Muslimah diabetic. I have never married, I have a job, and living with parents for past 4 years. Fourteen years ago, I made a decision (taking a Riba Student Loan) that effectively “I believe” ruined my life. For past 10 years, I have been living with social and emotional pain for ten years now via interacting with different people (female roommate.....
Halal and Haram
23rd October 2022

Is taxi business halal or haram?

My question is, can I open a taxi business in the west knowing that I would also be providing services to customers going into haram places? I am confused as some sheikhs allow it by saying it is their choice and nothing to do with us. Jazakallah.....
Marriage - Issues
20th October 2022

Wife frequently staying over at her mother’s

My wife frequently visits her mother who lives a 40 min drive away. I have no issue with her keeping a relationship with her family. My wife’s mother calls her everyday. My wife’s two brothers, their wives and families, and her two other sisters who are single live in her mother’s house too. They are all adults aged in their mid 30’s to 40’s. Wife’s mother insists my wife does chores f.....
Halal and Haram
17th October 2022

Renter insurance

As Salam walikum, ITS URGENT I am in tough situation, I rent a apt. It’s in flood zone, in USA. I signed the contract/lease for one year and paid them $2700.00. One of the condition on the lease is to buy renter insurance. Out of my ignorance I didn’t realize renter insurance was haram, I thought it was like car insurance. I didn’t move to the house yet but since I signed the lease, if I.....
Inheritance and Wills
4th October 2022

Inheritance after 25 years of fathers death

Assalam o Alaikum Dear mufti sahab i have a question regarding property issue as my father died almost 25 years ago and we are 7 brothers and 5 sisters living with mother Alhamdulillah. My father left some agricultural land which we have not distributed untill now for some reasons but we are now agreed to divide according to shariah. My question is as in 25 years we have purchased other prop.....
Naseeha - Advice
13th October 2022

I need help

Aslam-o-Alaikum, I hope you are doing well. I am a 24 years male who has lost a lot of hair since the loss of my mother when I was a teenager. I have recently gotten a hair transplant done but even then my head looks empty. My hair loss has since young age caused me a lot of pain and suffering. I do not know what to do. It is stopping me from doing so many things and has completely broken my co.....