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Impurity on hand
Ulamaa ID 04
So my question is very simple. Does a slightly moist hand pass imourity to another object. Say that someone has impure hands but they are dry and he goes to hold the tv remote. His hands become a slightly moist and the moisture is not visible but it is feelable did imourity transfer to the remotr
Ulamaa ID 04
I am a women of age 23 years, Single. Can I perform hajj with my parents as my parents can afford it? Will it be counted as an obligatory hajj because my parents are financing it? or Would I have to perform it again when I started earning myself? JazakiAllah Khair.
Ulamaa ID 04
Due to refurbishment in the kitchen we have no sink. I have been told that is haram to wash food items in the bathroom basin. Is this correct?
Wet dreams
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamualaykum Waramatullahi Wabarakathu. I have a few questions regarding wet dreams : 1) When does Ghusl become fardh ? When i have wet dream only ? 1a) When i have a wet dream do i have to change all my clothes or only the clothes affected ? Like do i also have to wash my Kurta ? 2) Sometimes i have a wet dream but no discharge. Is Ghusl fardh or not ? 3) Is ghusl fardh when its Mani or Madhi ? 4) A few sometimes i noticed that my undergarment has a few drops and not sure what it is. So ghusl is fardh or not ? 4a) Do i have to wash that part or change my clothes ? 5) Is there any dua i cant recite to avoid wet dreams ? 6) I usually wash my undergarments in a washing machine. So is it safe and permissible ? 6a) Do my impure undergarments dirty the other undergarments ? I wash all the undergarments using the washing machine one time. 6b) Sometimes after the washing machine is done washing i still notice stains. Do i have to wash again or not ? JazakAllah khairan for that clarification
Ulamaa ID 04
I wanted to know if saying “Oh man” or “Oh dude” is considered a form of swearing or shirk. I’m hesitant because when calling upon Allah someone could say “Oh Allah”
Does sniffing in salah due to mucus coming out of ur nose invalidate ur salah?
I want to marry my Divorced sister in law as my second wife. She is living along with my wife back home and I'm working overseas. I've developed feelings for her, and I'm afraid that this may lead me for act of Sin. No one still has come forward with the marriage proposal as today's world people Materialistic only. Please guide/advice
Recently I have been diagnosed with coronary artery vasospasm, it causes me immense depression and anxiety;there is no cure.I would like to know if there are particular surahs or duas I can recite on myself as a form of ruqya.
Ulamaa ID 04
AssalamoAlaikum. My fiance I got engaged in 2019 and we were living happily but after some time there was sudden change in my fiance as he gets angry on small things too much . When he talks on phone he gets too much angry that he said many times I will leave you but we meet in person he is totally opposite person then he say I can't leave you. Sometimes he doesn't know what he is saying. According to her mother she sees some symptons of black magic as he fights with his family too on small things and he had accidents almost every month . Sometimes he slips from bike sometimes he see a black man with no face on road and that time his car hit on the foot path and that black man disappears in the garbage . We also do sadqah but no change in his behavior. He has too much anger issues from past year. Kindly let me know that is this black magic? If yes then how can I remove it from being at my home? I will be very thankful if you will answer as we both are in very tension JazakAllah khair
Assalamu alaikum shaukh, I have so many compulsive waswas that I am living my life so depressed that I cannot tell others and I am a 15 years old boy. I can't even have a fun with others. I always live confused . I have a waswas of making oaths and vows . Few days ago it came into my mind that I am swearing that I am going to close my father Facebook account and from then till now my waswas is going on and It gets out of control that I am not even open my mouth a bit. If I opened like I feel I make an oath . So to control I see many videos on youtube and try to make myself strong and when I am praying yesterday I make me feel free and tell myself that oaths cannot be made during salah and while praying my salah and reading surah in the salah I freed my waswas and thinks about my waswas freely and intentionally and making lots of oaths but not uttering it verbally because I am reading surah loudly so how can I make oath and i think about my waswas and not focusing on praying and then while reading surah Al nas I thought I swear? Because my mind towards thinking about making oath and I feel like I not read surah naas. And I feel like I make an oath . And I am compulsively feeling to delete my father Facebook account but if my father know he won't leave me beaten. And then I stop my compulsion forcefully . Because when one waswas came into my mind if I agree to my waswas it's gone and then I feel that i really make an oath and then new waswas came about to make oaths . when I argue with my waswas it doesn't gone.and I say to me if you closed your father facebook account then another waswas came and say close your mother facebook account and when you close your mother facebook and then another waswas came in future that close your bank account and then I become mental. And then thinking that it is shaytan depressing me . This comes when I talk and pray it feels like that I uttered my waswas. Please explain clearly. I indulged into my thoughts while reading Qur'an and read Qur'an and then I thinks that I have not read it . I come to know about surah baqarah ayah no. 286 that allah do not burden any soul more than as much as he can bear and when I wake up from sleep to pray fajr in morning and asr in afternoon I feel like no one in this world is for me . Can I follow the fatwa that "whoever is driven by obsessive whispering in oaths and other acts of worship is not considered sinful". I feels that allah will punish me. I feel that I have sworn while reading surah nas loudly. I doesn't differentiate between my voice and whispering . Please explain correctly. May Allah az wajal have mercy on you for writing my answer .
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