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Assalam o alaikum
How do you know what the answer is when making Istikarah?
I've been told you see the answer in your dream - but my dreams have been completely non-related to what I am doing Istikarah for.

Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamu Alaykum,

I do not eat at McDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc in the UK. When I went for
Hajj this year I saw these outlets in Makkah and Madina. What do you advise
about eating at these places in the Holy cities.

I look forward to your reply. Jazakallah.

Ulamaa ID 03

My respected scholars in Islam, as we have heared so often on the rewards on the use of miswak.

There are more than 100 rewards for the use of miswak and the least one is, the person leaves this material world with EMAN
how wonderful the reward for a simple action.

my question is simple. can we encourage the person in ill health and on death bed to use miswak to gain benefit & blessing of ALLAH [SWT] admittedly we should use miswak at all times but some important times we completely forget to take action ourself and ask others to practice upon it.

Yours sincerely

Brother Ahmed

please remember me in your humble dua's

Ulamaa ID 04


it is said to call a fellow muslim kaafir results in the the accuser of becoming a kaafir himself. is this right, if so what should our view be towards ahmed raza khan who made takfir on the ulema of deoband can he be called a kaafir

We had some cheese (from tesco i think) in the fridge which after it had been opened and used i discovered and it did not have a suitable for vegetarians sign on it. I told a family member about it and it was thrown out as it could be haraam. I have now got food from home to eat which has got cheese in it, not the same cheese its a new one but the thing is i dont recall anybody cleaning the fridge, as i said the cheese pack had been opened and so some efects of the cheese could have got onto the fridge shelf and could have got onto the new cheese.

am i going over the top about cross contamination? should i throw away the food or eat it?

Ulamaa ID 03
If a company uses glycerin in its product, e.g. in toothpaste or mouthwash, can we use it if according to the company any animal by-product used is chemically altered during manufacturing and no longer resembles the original substance by the time it's added to the product? The company says that they have no way to telling what their source of glycerin is. It could be vegetable based or animal based, in which case it could be either pork or beef. So am I allowed to use such toothpaste or mouthwash which contain glycerin?

Ulamaa ID 04
assalam alaikum,
i used to do paintings,is it allowed that i can paint nature?is it we can present any dolls or paintigs which has human figures to non muslims.
Women wearing jeans
Ulamaa ID 05


Is it permissible for women to wear jeans under a nikab or at home with a long top?

I mean jeans under her jubbah where they wont be visible to non mehram. Also can she wear them at home where they will be visible but only to her mehram?

Jazzah Khallah

Ulamaa ID 05
are men allowed to pluck there eyebrows if it is joing up in the middle
Ulamaa ID 03


Is E481 and E472(e), which are ingrediants found in bread, Haraam?

Alot of processed foods have traces of phenylalanine, is it Haraam?

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