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Islamic Bank
Ulamaa ID 04
Is it Haram to deposit money in Isalmic Bank, which are run by Mudaraba system ?
If it is Halal, can I open Savings Account & Fixed Deposit Account there ?
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalaam o Alaikum brother.

I am curious to know why "saudis" (as seen on TV) in salaat tend to have ther hands on thier chest, whereas many people in the UK and Pakistan etc have their hands on thier waist? I would like to know whether this is an issue of School of thought or misled practices. Which is the correct way to pray salaat?

JazakAllah khair for your time and effort
Ulamaa ID 04
Is it true that woman was made from the rib of the man?can u plz give refference from the Quran and sunnah if possible. JazakAllah khair.
Is it true
Ulamaa ID 04
first of all, i just wanted to know that is it true that marks & spencer help israel with weapons or not?

Ulamaa ID 14

I am now 30 years of age and whilst I believe that marriage happens when a person is ready to accept it in thier lives and when Allah swt has decreed that moment. I dont think that the community I live in do accept this. I live with my sick father and we have to care for him which has delayed my marriage but one day my mother and I went to a friends house who had been to hajj there we met with other ladies and they got talking about marriage I came home very distressed as it has distressed my mother. I wen to sleep that night with a very heavy heart just before fajar I dreamt of the Prophet (saw) in my dream I didnt see his face and I was signing my marriage contract with him I was dressed in white, I took this dream as a kind of dream that was giving me courage and that marriage will come. What would your thoughts be and how would you advise me to pursue marriage I dont have brothers to look for a partner for me and my mother and I keep our selves to ourselves so how should I look for a partner I do work but keep my boundaries and do not feel that this is an environment where I should transgress them what would your advise be on this?
Flavoured miswaak
Ulamaa ID 03
slmz, jus wntd to find out if we are allowed to use flavoured miswaaks in ramadhan as long as we dont swallow it?
Ulamaa ID 09

i love a hindu girl. we want to go for marriage. and i know that there is no permission for a muslim to marry a non-muslim. though i have met with her sexually(forcebly by girl). now what to do? shall i go for marriage or not? and how do i get refreshed?
Ulamaa ID 02
Someone asked me today, what would one say if someone said that "listening to music on friday wouldnt make a difference. u listen to it every other day anyway."
Every other day is bad as it is but how is it the same on a firday?
Alcohol in perfume
Ulamaa ID 03

Assalamu alaykum

Recently i purchased some perfume and listed as the first ingredient is alcohol. It does not specify which alcohol is contained, would it be permissible to use? Also, is ethyl alcohol permitted in perfumes?


Wnat to know
Ulamaa ID 04
does your wudu break if you dont wear a scarf?
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