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Some ingredients
Ulamaa ID 03
asalaam walaikum, could be please tell me about the status of the following-: -yeast extract -L cysteine hydrchloride - i know this particular one is listed as an e number to be avoided in the food guide but it is in many many products even simple ones. it says that it is of chicken feathers or human hair but i have seen many products with this ingredient claiming they are suitable for vegetarians, please help
Ulamaa ID 09
I need to know if women r allowed to attend
keep-fit classes where they have to work to music, with the sole purpose of
keeping fit & healthy & not cos of the music.
I really urgently need to know this before this thursday as that is
when the classes take place.

Ulamaa ID 04
1. I have alot of qadha salaats outstanding, when i go in jamaat 40 days i normally go to places where i become a musaafir, i here have the opportunity to pray alot of qadha namaazes. I am aware of the ruling that a musaafir does not have to pray sunnat e muakkadah, when i go in jamaat can i pray my qadha namaazes instead of the sunnat e muakkadah.

2. Can i pray the recitation of the quran loudly in qadha namaazes?, if yes which ones?

Ulamaa ID 10
is invitrofertilization usin the husbands sperm and the wifes eggs permissable
Miswaak Trees
Ulamaa ID 04

Can we take twigs/branches off any tree to do siwaak with? And which trees can we use from and which not?
(I.e. Fruit trees, Back Garden trees etc.)

Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Do the following statements when said with the intention of talak constitute a Kinayah breaking the bond of marriage? If not, please can you explain why as they appear to mean Talak? Please can you provide a brief explanation of Kinayah which breaks the marriage bond? "I take an oath that you are not my wife", "you are not my wife", "I am not your husband", " "There is no Nikaah between the two of us..." " I have not married you", "There is no Nikah between us", "I have no need for you". May ALLAH in his extreme munificence reward you according to HIS SHAAN for your Khidmaat to the Deen. Jazakallahu Kharian Wa Ahsanul Jaza Wa Alaykum Salaam Warah Matullahi Wabarakatuh
Is it true that if a person reminds a person of the favours that he did to someone it will have a negative effect on the person who received the favours?
Ulamaa ID 04
Me and my friends buy weekly teenage magazines. It's what we've been doing all our teen years. The bit that interests us most it the horoscope page, which we all hurry to as soon as we buy the magazine.

Is it ok to believe in horoscopes? As some of my friends say thay its wrong and others say that our destiny is already written and thats all horoscopes are?
Quranic recitation
Ulamaa ID 01
assalamualaykum dear mufti i would really appriciatte it if u could help me with a question question is i very much like all eyptian qari especially sheikh muhammed jebril and ahmed naeena and abul enien sheisha these r my favourites however thre sad thing is none of thm have a proper beard and they dont even dress to the islamic standard plz can u tell me oin detail the reason for egyptian recitors not keeping beards and there unislamic dress sense i always wanted to go to study by the great ulamaa of qiraat in egypt however this puts me off plz plz can u help jazakomolllahu khairan wahsanul jazaa ps in england can u refer me to a good school of learnin quraanic recitation (sciences of reciting the quran)
Ulamaa ID 10
salaams..i have a maslaa the thing is my noraml habit of haidh is at the end of every month around the 25th but this month around the 12th my haidh started so i assumed that my habit has changed and that, that time is my period of haidh,i then was on haidh for ten days, after this ten days i was still bleeding i then came to realise that the date after the ten days of bleeding was the 25/26th which must mean that the bleeding that i started from the 12th for ten days must have been istihadah-not monthly haidh..and the bleeding which started on the 25/26th was my monthly haidh...i just wanted to find out what im supposed to do now since i didnt i have to make up my salaah for the ten days comencing frm the 12th the period that wasnt my haidh?
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