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Ulamaa ID 04
I am a teacher in a newly established islamic school. My concern is that the childrens uniform bears the logo Al-Ameen and the children go to the toilet wearing it. Is it permissible to wear this to the toilet being Allahs name?
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamualaikum respected mufti saheb please help with the following: 1. when going toilet should you wash the front first or the back or is there no difference? 2. when washing the back should you put the hand from the front side to the back or direct to the back? 3. after doing istibra and washing myself i put tissue in underwear incase more drops come out and i go and walk around normally. before i do wudhu i take the tissue out. when i am taking the tissue out do i have to wash my private part again? 4. i read that mazi can sometimes come out without a person even realising. if this is the case how will you know if you still have wudhu or not? please help me with these issues. Jazakallahu Khayrun you are doing very very good work for the ummah Insha Allah you will get great great rewards.
Working in west
Ulamaa ID 01
Assalamu alaikum, Please tell me that if we are woking in the shop with all the things we have to sell the the lottery tickets and serve the food that contain pork .we are just providing service so the money we are earning is hallal or haram.
Ulamaa ID 04
Salaam u alaikum,
When I am alone in my bedroom, I tend to fantasise about the opposite sex. I am not sure whether this wrong or permissible.
Also whilst fantasising, I get sexually aroused and have emmisions from my private part.
Black stone
Ulamaa ID 04
how did the black stone come in the world
Ulamaa ID 04

1/Is it permissible to gharge or accept hadyah for amaliyyat or tawezat?

Ulamaa ID 09
My name is [name removed], I live in new york usa for last 8 years originally I am from Pakistan My question is that Im going to marry next month Ive know this girl for last 2 years and we love each other alot my question is that we commit zina I know I commit and a great sin but we are both very sorry about it and always in prayers we ask allah subhano talla for forgiveness in this non muslim country we went to far from islam and commit mistakes my question is that I saw a Pakistani tv progrram aalim online somebody ask them a same question as mine and the both ulma Shia and Sunni said that a person cant get marry to a girl who he had sex with I did not know that before but there is a web site called "ASKIMAM.ORG" I saw a same question as mine and "Mufti Ebrahim Dasai" alim from south africa he said that I can marry a girl. Im so confuse I dont know what to do I know I commit the great sin but now we both realise that we did the very wrong thing I said toba and not to commit this sin again and ask allah to forgive me then I can marry a girl if not why not people commit sins and said toba as allah sobhano tala said the doors are always open for one who said toba come back to me please give me the answer as soon as posible in quran o sunnat light one more thing that Im a sunni and hanafi muslim please dowa for me that allah forgive me I will be very thanks full please give me the answer as soon as possible .
alsalam o aliukum warahmatullah
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalaamu Alaikum.I have heard that to keep a beard is Sunnat and Farz (compulsory). I wpould like to know if it is Farz or Sunnat. Please let me know.Jaza K'Allah.Allah Hafiz.
Ulamaa ID 01
As salaam walikum I have one kid and my wife was a Hindu girl and was perivously a call girl and now she can able to read little Al-Quran and she always perform salat. But one thing is that i have never do any Nikha with her but we both already accepted as husband and wife with our true heart. know the problem is that i told my parents that i did Nikha with her and my parents all believed me but now what i want to know is please show me how i must do to make it legal in islam I will be waiting for you reply

Allah hafiz
Ulamaa ID 03

i just wanted to ask u about something i m facing..i was married to a widow with 2 Small children's in 1992. i just gave her divorce but after first talak i roojo wid her and after second i too roojo wid her but know i have given her last talak.. i approached mufti sahab in context for halala. with the fact we both living in same house..i just wanted to know that can i and she re marry without doing halalla with new nikha and maher...

i would humbly request you to kindly take out time out of your busy life and consider this...i would be waiting for your answer..

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