New to Islam? A Mugger converts Allhamdulilah

ummi taalib
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Conversion Stories
This is a story of something that happened quite recently in London UK

A brother was on a train when a man came up to him and asked for his wallet, intending to rob him, the man may have had a weapon i cant remember Allahu alam.
Allhamdulilah the brother said, "I am a muslim and that means i am willing to defend my property, should i die doing so then i will die a shahid and enter paradise, if i dont die then i get to keep my possessions. Its a win win situation for me"

The robber looked stunned and walked away..

A week later the brother is on the train again and is approached by the same man, who says, "I've been looking for you all week, i cannot sleep for thinking about what you said, tell me what it is that gives you such faith, what is being a muslim?"

Of course the brother told him about Islam and Allhamdulilah the man took his shahada Allhamdulilah to be taken from the gutter by the mercy of Allah to join the ranks of the believers inshaallah.