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The accuracy of the Bible
This was the next problem. The contradictions in the Bible are numerous. Visit Contradictions for an example or Other Contradictions.

I questioned, how could I base my faith on a book that contained so many contradictions, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies?

I discovered that it was in fact Paul that introduced many concepts that Jesus did not; in fact Paul I now believe is the one who created Christianity and not Jesus.

Visit Here for another account on the life of Jesus. I then discovered how The Holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad is mentioned in the canonized Bible and the Jewish Bible. Visit Here or Here for examples in the OT. Or visit Here

Lastly then, I found that Christianity just doesn't work. It has never worked. It has been used for the white and rich historically to exploit the poor, both globally and locally. On one hand Christians demand peace, on the other hand they fight wars, on one hand they require morality, on the other hand we have gay priests, paedophile Bishops and adulterous Pastors. On one hand there is a call for unity in the "body of Christ", and on the other hand there are over 100 different types, sects and forms of Christianity and Christians.
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