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Jesus as God

I just could not accept this and then found that no where does Jesus ever imply that he is God, or even the divine Son of God. Instead he says he is the Son of Man constantly, and the servant of God Almighty. Matt 20:28 for example. The times Son of Man is used in the New Testament against Son of God is almost 40:1.

I used to believe Jesus saying "I am the way the truth and the life, no-one gets to the Father except through me" may be proof of this, but it really isn't I found! It was in discussion with a friend when I began to notice this. If Jesus did in fact say this then it could simply mean that his teachings are the way [to God] and the truth that provides life, and consequently no-one gets to God except by abiding by Jesus' message sent from God, which was to submit to the will of God i.e be Muslims.

Another thing I once used against Muslims when I argued with them over the divinity of Jesus is that he is recorded in the Bible as saying "He that has seen me has seen the Father" and "I and the Father are one" . However, there is strong evidence that such lines were created by the early Church and thus incorporated in the Gospels (written 100years after Jesus apparently died). Jesus may have never uttered these words. Even if he did say them though, it is still true in a sense. They are one...that is one in purpose! All the prophets had one purpose, the purpose God gave them, i.e. the same purpose as God. Why be extreme and think Jesus meant he is one in essence with God? Furthermore, it is then recorded as Jesus saying, "you [disciples] can also be one with us [Jesus and God"]. Now, if they are one too, then it should not be a trinity we believe in, but all 12 disciples should be added to the trinity and seen as one that we should worship! If they are one with God and Jesus then the same context should apply, the disciples too should be regarded as gods or a part of one God. Matt 20:23 Matt 10:40 Matt 13:52 Matt 13:57 Matt 7:21-23 (lawlessness shows Jesus is being specific) Matt9:6 and then Matt 9: 8 Matt 5:11-12
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