New to Islam? The Straight Path

Isa Khowane
Non Muslims

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This is Islam in brief. Islam is vast. It cannot be explained in a small booklet like this. However, I hope that this booklet will be of benefit to those who are thirsty for truth.

The way for one to find out the truth is to be honest with oneself and to put aside all prejudices and preconceived misconceptions which normally blinds one to truth.

This is because the societies and families in which we live in normally gives us the measurement with which to measure ideas and systems foreign to us. That is why sometimes we take decisions or form opinions on something that we do not have full knowledge of.

Lastly I beg God Almighty to accept this work and make it a light for those who desire guidance. We also ask Him to shower His blessings upon all His Prophets and their true followers.


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