New to Islam? The Straight Path

Isa Khowane
Non Muslims

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The Purpose of Creation

From time immemorial, scientists, historians, archaeologists and other scholars have been trying to unravel the "mystery" of creation. Why are we here?

The answer to this question is pivotal to progress, security and peace for the human race.

We all know that when a person is employed to do a job for a company, in order for him to do it successfully, he has to know what job has to be done, especially today, when there are company policies of performance based remuneration. (i.e. payment according to work done)

Therefore, it is important that a wise employee must not concentrate all his energy on how much his salary will be, the bonus, cellphone, car allowance, entertainment allowance and all the other perks, before understanding what tasks he has to carry out.

All these efforts, by scientists and other scholars, of trying to find the origin of mankind stems from that deep seated desire in man to discover the purpose of his creation so that he can attain peace and success.

Therefore it is important that, that person who wants to have peace, contentment and success in life finds, the answer to this question because once he knows the purpose of his being in this world, he will know how to fulfil that purpose.

Where do we find the answer?

Politicians have tried many different things to give man peace, contentment and security and to raise him to a level above being just an animal.

Capitalism, Democracy, Communism, Socialism, etc were all designed for this purpose, but all these systems have been unsuccessful in this regard. Thus we see them collapsing before our eyes.

Many thought that the collapse of Communism in Russia meant that the answer to man's problems was in Capitalism. However this has proved to be false. Instead the poor are getting poorer the rich are getting richer and the imbalance in society is creating more strife and misery.

Scientists, like Darwin, want us to believe that man evolved from apes and furthermore they also would want us believe that these apes just appeared out of nowhere! But today every scientist worth his salt will admit that life form is so complex that it could not have just happened without some plan.

Therefore it is clear that all these efforts have failed to give man a satisfactory answer.

Out of all organisations, movements, ideologies and religions it is only Islam that has given a clear and sensible answer to this question.

Islam is not just a religion, as many people think it to be. In fact Islam is a complete way of life, which encompasses religion, politics, social welfare, economics, law & order, science and all other facets of life.

Secondly it is very important to understand that Islam is not a man made system but a system that was directly revealed by the Creator Himself.

Islam teaches that the purpose for the creation of man is simply to worship God.

Worship in Islam means that all man's dealings be it in politics, economics, military, social, religious, in private, in public, between family members, between states; everything that man does must be governed by God's law. This (the act of submitting to God's will) is, in the Arabic language, called Islam.

The Almighty created the heavens and the earth and all that which they contain. He then gave authority and custodianship of earth to man. For his part man was only created to worship God.

In addition to creating man and giving him the responsibility of being His deputy on earth and that of worshiping Him, He also gave him a way and system of fulfilling this "calling". This is the way of Islam.

As we have seen, for a person to succeed in his job, first, he has to know what his job is. Secondly, after knowing what his job is, he has to know how to perform it!

The Way of Islam

We now know that the purpose of our creation and being placed in this world is to worship our Creator. Now, what is left for us to know is how does our Creator want us to worship Him?

God, who is the creator of everything that we know and everything that we do not know, everything that we can see and everything that we cannot see, has all the knowledge of how everything works.

Therefore all answers about which is the best way to live, are with Him.

Because of His infinite mercy, the Creator did not only place this heavy responsibility on the shoulders of man but He also chose certain men, from amongst man, and made them His Messengers and Prophets. This was done in order that they can teach and show mankind how to live and succeed.

Although the Messengers and Prophets were from different nations and in different times, their message was one, Islam.

Islam is a way of life which removes man from ignorance of not knowing the purpose of his creation, and shows him the straight path of submission to God. This makes a person to have peace of mind and contentment in his life.

What are the teachings of Islam?

There are five basic tenets of Islam, which are called the Pillars of Islam, which every person who follows Islam has to accept and practice upon.

As we know that pillars are a prop to the structure that they support. Without the pillars the structure collapses. Similarly with Islam, without these pillars there is no Islam! This means that a person will not say that he is a Muslim if he does not accept and practice on these Pillars completely.

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