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Conversion Stories
A Young British student writing to her Pakistani Muslim pen pal is the path Allah ta'ala chose to lead this pretty young Christian girl to Islam. The young couple's affection grew through the correspondence and this eventually led her to visit Pakistan. She says when she first approached her mother regarding a visit to Pakistan she absolutely refused to let her go alone. She insisted on accompanying her daughter and they travelled together, met his family and came back with a good impression of Muslims.

The next year the boy's visit to England led to them discussing marriage. He explained that he could never give up his religion and nor could he have a relationship with her outside of marriage and she said this impressed her. She asked questions about Islam and very quickly decided that Islam and marriage to this young man was what she wanted. When she told her mum, to her surprise she accepted it saying at least it would save her daughter from having a string of boyfriends without a future. She even presented her with a copy of the Qur'an!

The young English girl accepted the Islamic way of life, seeking knowledge enthusiastically and was soon a good practicing Muslimah. Today the young couple are happily married with three lovely children who are able to recite the Qur'anic chapters from a young age....As for the mum, she has not as yet accepted Islam however she often visits her daughter and son in law and is happy about the choice her daughter made! May Allah ta'ala grant her Imaan!