New to Islam? Passion Of Christ Converts Man To Islam

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Conversion Stories
I begin in the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

My next door neighbour used to grow Marijuana in his back yard. He rode a loud Harley Davidson and could not complete a sentence without saying the ........ word. There was a party every night at his house and God knows what went on but whatever it was the whole neighbourhood could hear it. He loved my family because we treated him the way Muslims should treat their neighbours. We also never called the cops on him like his previous neighbours.

[Everyone please research how Muslims should treat neighbours by studying the teachings of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)]

Back to the subject at hand. My neighbour spoke to us on occasion about God and what we believed in. Sometimes he would kid around and ask us to have a few drinks with him. One thing that really stood out about him was that he kept things real. He told you what he felt and didn't care how you took it. Very straight forward guy--held nothing back. Amazingly, however, as open as he was, there was one area of his life he chose to keep very private: His deep love for God.

Although he was the type of guy you never would have guessed went to church on Sundays, my neighbour still managed to attend every service. His parents, apparently, were very religious, out-spoken Christians.

One Sunday we were both standing in front of our garages and he looked over at me and said, Hey neighbour I'm not a Christian anymore, I'm never going to church again!I'm going to become a Muslim.

I looked at him stunned. Shocked! I thought he was joking. I said, Yeah right bro. He quickly assured me he was serious and I figured out quickly just how serious he was.

I asked what brought about the change. He told me he watched the movie The Passion of the Christ the night before and that sealed it for him. I had been talking to him about Islam for a while but never got to him--or at least I thought I didn't. I asked how the Passion had caused this change.

I thought it would bring you closer to Christianity, I said.

He responded yelling in his biker voice,

You know men die for countries, men die for women, men die for money, men die for their friends and men have died for a lot less. Last night I watched the movie the Passion and I saw these disciples of Jesus and how they all claimed they didn't even know him when they were about to kill GOD or the SON OF GOD. Someone who has shown them miracles, brought the dead to life, supposedly GOD himself, and they run and not defend him. They could have eternal paradise; I would have died that night. How are you not going to die for GOD; and you're his DISCIPLE?! It makes no sense! Keep it real man.

Soon after, I gave the brother some videos and pamphlets to help further explain the beliefs of Islam--in case I missed anything important. About a day later I heard a knock at my door.

I'm ready he said.

And with those words, I asked him to repeat after me: Ashadu Allah ilaha il Allahu, wa Ashadu anna Muhammad ar rasulullah.

I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the final messenger of God.