New to Islam? About

New to Islam?
Many years ago, in many parts of the world, Islam was an unknown religion. There were certain parts of the world which where the majority of the people living there were Muslims, but also parts of the world where people didn't even know Islam existed. However, today, Islam is one of the most well-known religons, due to the recent happenings in the past few years, where people, in the name of Islam, have carried out such condemned actions, that have led to people getting a false impression of the religoon.

Today people are convinced, by the news and word of both, and sadly by the actions of a few people who claim to be 'Muslim', yet carry out actions which go totally against its teachings, that Islam is the religoon of extremism, the religion which trains its believers, who are called Muslims, to create havoc on earth, and sadly, this is what many people who get an insight to Islam the first time are lead to believe. It may be the mass media coverage of the tragic events, or the way some Muslims behave, and by one persons ironic actions, all Muslims, and their religon Islam, are looked down upon. However, have such people gone on to look at what Islam is really about? Maybe the library and its books on Islam seem boring, maybe there's no interest at all, but now, here on is a whole section for those who want to get a first insight to Islam.

This section is to show non-Muslims and new Muslims the true teaching of Islam, that Islam is not the religon of terrorism, nor is the religion of hatred amnd injustice, but rather, it is a religon which encourages peace and harmony between people, no matter what their race, religon or beliefs.

Why not look around and if any question arises, then contact those who visit this site in order to find out more about this misunderstood religoon by many?

Surely one of the meanings of Islam is peace. Don't believe me? Look around.