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Basic Rules of Authentication - Who lied and why?

21st November 2020
Who lied to who and why?

A conversation had already taken place here in the forums, check it out

Please take a look at the images below and tell me which image is edited (photoshopped)

Using basic rules of geometry and common sense, follow these basic rules of taking photos and comment below on how to achieve a manipulated world famous and acceptable image as real! Tell me if you've changes your thoughts or now doubt the authenticity of the photo.

I like taking photos :)

Some photos are amazing and they require very basic skills.

I'm hoping this thread will be educational and (excuse the pun) have great exposure:)

I have taken some great photos in my days, but with the possession of mobile phones, it seems anyone can take photos just as well.

I wanted to post some photos like those that I had once taken, so these are not mine. They are only for illustration purposes and educational purposes.

Types of Photography; Horizons and Sunsets
Professional tips can be sourced here for getting the perfect straight horizon

Horizon Photos and where to place your Camera.
Place the camera on the ground to get the horizon at feet level

Place the camera at knee level to get horizon slightly higher than the feet

Place the camera at chest level to get the horizon at chest level

Place the camera at neck level to get the horizon at neck level

Question 1: Where would you place the camera if you wanted the horizon at eye level?
Question 2: Where would you place the camera if you wanted the horizon above head level?

Very simple to work out the answer for the above.

Answer 1:Place camera at eye level.
Answer 2: Place camera above head level.

Question 3: If a camera is placed at chest height and a picture is taken of someone, where will the horizon be behind that person?

Answer 3:The Camera is placed at chest height just like it is here. An amazing photograph. We know that the astronauts had their cameras attached at chest height during Apollo 11

[hl]Best example I could find with a known chest height camera and horizon[/hl]

Question 4a:
How can you take a photo of someone of the same height, from chest height and close distance, yet have the horizon at eye level?

Question 4b: Is that even possible?
Possible answers to Q4a/b: Can't be possible, Fake it, Photoshop it, Edit or very easily done!

Here is a photo to prove that the questions asked in Question 4 has been done!!!
Camera at chest level but photo with horizon at eye level
Source of image (To Prove I haven't edited the photo myself)

Question 5: How do you achieve the image above AND have the camera at chest level AND have a reflection of the horizon of the one taking the photo, at CHEST level, yet the horizon is at EYE level????

Answers to Q5: Answers to Q5: Can't be possible, Fake, Photoshop, Edit....
Question 6: Was this the Scam of the century?



I welcome anyone to dispute it

Basic Rules of Authentication - Who lied and why?

Question 7: So how did they take the photo and get the horizon at eye level AND chest level in the reflection when the camera was supposed to be at chest level?

Answer 7: The reflected image shows the correct position of the horizon at chest level but I can't answer why, since the reflection is coming from eye level. The main photo was taken from a different camera and edited out from the reflection, a very simple process. Thus the higher horizon! (a nice Hollywood set)

Fakery embedded in the minds of billions of people.

Would anyone else like to give a better explanation of what is happening in the photo or how it's possible to achieve it, please be my guest.
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