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Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam mualaikum Wahramatullahi wabaraktu. I was on the website Islamqa and I was looking at the question. Is it true that when u read surah Jinn you see a jinn?the person also asks how do you get one? Moulana Qamruz Zaman replys no this is not true to the first question to my understanding. If you go on Google search Syed Faisal Abbas Sheraz Pak amliyat he mentions that if you read surah jinn for so many days you can control a jinn and he advises to learn from a peer. Also on Google search Peer Iqbal Qureshi mentions the same thing. A friend of mine when I was in my teenage years also told me the same thing. can you please clarify? I also have another question about the jinn that I'm confused about I don't want to confuse and put doubts in you. Do you give me permission to ask you the next question yes or no? I have no intention to control a jinn I just want clear this doubt. Jazakallah khair
Ulamaa ID 04
Salaams, I will be travelling from UK to Saudi to perform Umrah Insha'Allah. However, we will be staying in Jeddah for four nights prior to travelling to Makkah for the Umrah. What is the Islamic ruling on Miqaat in our case? Where can we wear the Ihram for Umrah? All guidance on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Jazakallahu khairan
Long story short, I did boxing, left it because I found out it’s haram, took me some time but I decided I should pick Allah over my desires. Anyways my 2 brothers play Basketball so I gave it a shot and liked it way better, and started playing it way more and planned on going to a club, I finally got my membership at a local club, but I recently came across a video on my recommendation from Skeik Assim al-Hakeem about going to a mixed (male and female) Gym, he said it’s prohibited. I then asked my little brother that goes to the Basketball club weather they teach Males and Females together, he said yes. So before cancelling my membership I want to make sure if it’s allowed if I lower my gaze and don’t interact with the females, would appreciate an answer. Jazakallahu Khairan.
Conditions of walee
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamu alaykum I hope your well, I asked a few questions pertaining to my nikkah from yourselves and they have all been answered and removed a lot of waswas and things that were playing in my mind so I would like to thank you very much. I have one last questions to remove all doubts and it’s regarding the my father in law who acted on my wife’s behalf in the nikkah with the imam conducting the nikkah. My father in law although he is a Muslim is not practicing, he’s a really nice guy and he knows he can be a better Muslim by praying and do more for deen. He doesn’t really pray as a Muslim Should but he doesn’t deny the prayer and knows he should be praying. I just wanted to know every other thing that was required to make the nikkah permissible was carried out. My father law not being as practicing , does that make the marriage invalid as he acted in my wife’s behalf. JazakAllahu khairan.
Ulamaa ID 04
ASalamualaikum I hope your well. I have a question with regards to my nikkah and it’s really stressing me out. I just want to know if it was done correctly. I’m a hanafi and my nikkah was done in the mosqe. There were around 20 male witnesses, including my cousin who had studied ilm for many years. My wife was also in the masjid but was with the women in another segregated room. Her father acted on her behalf. The imam was the one who conducted the nikkah and asked my father in law if he gave his daughter(said her full name) with a specific mahr to me in front of the witnesses and my father in law said yes. And then the imam asked me if I accepted my wife with that specific mahr (saying her name and my name and daughter of so and so) and I said yes I have accepted. This was repeated twice and then we started to sign the contract and the imam told my brother in law to go the women’s section and tell my wife to sign the papers. My brother in law didn’t ask my wife anything she just signed the papers. I just wanted to ask did my wife need to accept. She knew she was marrying me and was really happy obviously but this keeps playing on my mind whether or not we did the ceremony correct. I asked my cousin who studied ilm in Leicester for 7 years about this and he said her father accepted on her behalf and she just needed to sign the contract and that’s it she didn’t need to say anything. Also I read that if a women is present in the nikkah ceremony she has to answer herself but like I said the women although they did attend the cermony, they were in a separated segregated room and my wife wasn’t present in front of the imam it was her father who was acting on her behalf and then the imam was conducting the nikkah and asking the questions in the ijab and qabool.We’re these things done correctly and is my nikkah valid, if you could get back to me asap IA as it’s really stressing me out. JazakAllahu khairan.
Mocking religion
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamu alaykum ww hope your well. I have a question with regards to the validity of my marriage. Alhumdulilah Im practicing and I recently made a joke about one of my friends who over ate and puked. I said whilst in a group of my other friends that so and so puked whilst he was in ruku position with no intention of mocking the ruku position or making fun of it. I spoke to my cousin aswell who has studied ilm for 7 years in Leicester and he said I don’t need to worry and that my marriage is valid. I keep getting waswas about this and although I knew I didn’t make fun of the religion I will certainly not make any reference like that again in the future. Do I need to renew my marriage or am I fine? I’m really stressed if you can answer asap. JazakAllahu khairan
Ulamaa ID 04
Salam, I have serval sources of income and wanted to get information on how to calculate and pay Zakat on them. Salary: How do I calculate Zakat on my salary? Stocks/crypto: I own stock/crypto; how do I pay Zakat on those? Business: I own a restaurant with partners: How do I pay Zakat from my business? Software company: I own a software company with a Christian partner 50/50. We raised money for the company. The raised money is in our treasury that we pay expenses from because our revenue does not cover expenses. How would I pay Zakat in this situation? Farmland: I own farmland and get income from there. How would I calculate Zakat?
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamoalaikom. My Question is regarding inheritance. I will give you the background to the whole issue. Me and my 2 brothers including our parents were financially in a joint system. I lived in Pakistan with my parents whilst my brothers worked in the uk . We lived in Pakistan mostly on my father's pension . Now and then my brothers would send money. If we wanted to buy land etc they would help my father . I was studying in madrasah so I couldn't contribute. In 2001 my brother and my sister came to Pakistan to marry off my neice (sisters daughter) . My father paid for the whole wedding including her gold jewellery. This act of kindness of my father saved my brother and sister the money they had brought with them for the wedding. So with that money my brother went and purchased some property in Islamabad. He wanted to keep the property in his name however my mother told him your father is alive you have to buy it in your father's name . Whether willingly or unwillingly he purchased the property in my father's name. Now our father has passed away. My elder brother has mentioned many times to me that he wanted to purchase that property in his own name but was forced to buy it in our father's name. My question now is after our father has passed away does this property come into inheritance or do we all brothers and sisters leave it to my elder brother? Please note in 2005-2006 I came to UK and also contributed monetarily towards our joint family financial system . We all separated amicably in 2006 and went our own ways financially. My father passed away in 2018.
Assalamualikum! I live in Chicago. My husband and I got married in July 2022. We had an argument after 3 months, and he texted me Divorce 2 times. Can you please tell me if the divorce has occurred or not? We both love each other, and I cannot imagine my life without him.
Ulamaa ID 04
I am in my early 20s. Since around 15/16 I became reckless and careless by making many vows / oaths that are either too difficult to fulfill. But I really want to fulfill them. The money I have vowed or made an oath to give to charity has accumulated past what I have (and that is from savings and inheritance.) The salaah I have vowed or made an oath to give to charity has been too difficult. If I would commit a sin I would say something like - 'Oh ALLAH SWT if I do this again I would pray 20 rakaats of Tawbah salaah till I turn 25(example). and every time I would sin I would increase if from 25 to 26. And the years would gradually increase. I would also make vows that if I commit a sin I would give a certain amount of money in charity. The thing is I have forgotten so many of the vows / oaths that I have said (although I do have a vague idea of some and I do want to fulfill them still. In terms of the vows/oaths for giving money to charity, the amount of money that accumulated runs in the tens of thousands and I only recently recieved a temporary job after being unemployed for so long. I do have some savings - so should I give all of it into charity. (If the money that I vowed / made an oath to give is less than my savings should I give all of it? What if my savings are less? I am prepared to give all of it but I don't know if I should because giving some to my mother would be helpful.) Should I give a portion from my salaries in the future for this cause? If I do give charity due to vows and oaths can I also give it with intention of sadaqah for my prophet and parents and the ummah. Also, in terms of the salaah - I used to strive daily to complete the twenty rakaats and I also found myself fortunate that I am offering an extra twenty rakaats. However this proved to be too difficult. So I cut down to ten rakaats. However, now I don't do any! I have been reckless and careless with my tongue of spitting out too many vows and oaths and I really want to fulfill them. However, at present it is hard because I don't have the money for it or it is hard to do twenty rakaats every day for ten years. I have made oaths that if I get good grades I will give a certain amount for each grade. And I have made similar oaths such as I would give 10 pounds of my salary (when I get a job) every month for the rest of my life. The thing is, I have made too many vows and oaths and I can only vaguely remember them and I am sure I have forgotten many. I really want to fulfill all of them. What should I do?
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