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As selamu aleykum wa rahmetullahi wa barakouh, If you are visiting, you should refer to your own prayer calendar for the Iftar or to the host ?
address of khalifa of peer zulfiqar ahmed sab(db) in karachi. i am already baith with peer sab. But how to continue my islah. i can't reach peer sab. That way i want to find khalifa of peer sab for my islah. Please give me address of any peer sab kahlifa in karachi thanks
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Assalamu Alaykum. Ramadhan is coming soon and masjids this side are closed. Only adhan is given out no jamaat because of the situation here. My questions are the following: 1) Can we read taraweeh with a few brothers with jamaat ? 2) Im not a hafidh but i know surahs like surah yaseen,mulk,al kahf ad duha till naas. So can i lead salah? How will i read ? Read the surahs in order or ??
Treating Parents
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Dear Mufti, Assalamu alaikum I have a query relating how to treat my father who is very partial with me. I live in Abu Dhabi - UAE, My father, and stepmother stays in India, My father is very unfair and partial to me always, He never helps me in any way, though by Allah's grace I have placed him our own house, provided him (vehicle) an auto-rickshaw to earn for daily sustenance for himself. Now whenever I visit him, he doesn't give me preference, neither he cares me and my children's, he always loves my elder brother and his family, he always has problems with my wife do's and don'ts, When I help him financially, from that he helps my elder brother. Because of this behavior and attitude, there is lot of tensions and fight between me and my wife. Now I am not calling him much, I visit him hardly once a year and help him sometimes only. What I am doing is it right? How do I balance my rights between my father and wife in this situation, please guide me Thanks, Regards
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I am 22 years graduated student,I love a 18 years old girl and she also loves me ,but her father is not agree due to intercaste, although we both are very religious person and I want a secret nikah with her to protect us from gunah ,can I do this nikah please answer me sir.
Nocturnal emission
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Assalamualaikum, If I have a nocturnal emission and I do not have enough time to take an obligatory bath before Fazr prayer, what should I do? Suppose, If I take an obligatory bath then the sun will rise.
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I'm a Hanfi, can I and my husband pair up to offer farz prayer ? Will that be a prayer in congregation ?
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Salaam, I have a question. I follow the hanafi fiqh and therefore would request a response from this school of thought please. My husband and I married in 2016 and unfortunately we have had problems since then. I appreciate that every story has 2 sides and therefore will try to keep it brief. In summary I have reached the conclusion that my husband and I are just incompatible and sadly he is not showing any willingness to better himself or try to salvage our marriage. I found myself constantly criticised by both my husband and his family for almost everything. I was constantly blamed for any issues, little empathy was shown to me and my husband's behaviour was always justified by him and his mother. I fell pregnant immediately after our nikkah and I had a particularly difficult pregnancy, I was very unwell and had little support from my husband or in laws. After the baby was born I started experiencing a lot of anger and lashing out at my husband, mainly verbally as I felt he was never around to support me. Constantly working or with his family. My husband moved in and out of the house and blamed me saying I have a mental health condition or anger problems. In December 2018 after getting slightly physical with me, my husband left our home and moved out. He told me the marriage was not working and that he wanted a divorce. He also said he wanted a 6 month break. During this time he showed no signs of reconciling so I moved on with life i.e. I bought a house for myself and my daughter. He was aware of this but accepted thay we weren't together so I could do what I wanted. 7/8 months later he started sleeping over at the new house but in the spare room, this was mainly for our daughter and convenience. We had little communications and with each other and when we did communicate we argued. We have not have physical relations pretty much throughout our marriage maybe once a month at best. And during our 6 month speration there was no physical relations. Last week after another argument, my husband was extremely verbally abusive towards me and told me he wanted a divorce.His words were "I want a divorce" its over I'm done with you etc etc. This is not the first time he said this to me in our marriage or indicated he wants a divorce. Later that morning he repeated that he wanted a divorce and after I left the house for work, he text me saying he wanted to finalise the divorce today. My question is, does this class as an effective divorce? There is no confusion around his intention. He has accepted on many occasions that our marriage is over and has made no real effort to reconcile. I on the other hand with Allah (SWT) as my witness can stay I had done everything within my reasonable control to salvage my marriage. I am previously divorced and desperately did not want to be divorced again. I sought medical help for my alleged anger problems and was told by the doctor that I don't have any problems. I changed the way I dress, I stopped speaking to my family, I spent all my spare time at my in laws. In return my husband was never home and the time he was it was for our daughter. Financially he has not contributed towards the running of the house and I do this independently. My husband is the kind of person who likes to keep up appearances and i fear that he is pushing me to initiate divorce proceedings with his behaviour because he doesn't want to be the one responsible for issuing a talaq so he can say to his family and the community that it was me who divorced him and blame me for this also. I am in limbo as I don't want to initiate divorce proceedings through the shariah court but fear he will keep me hanging on indefinitely as it suits him. I recently started taking an Islamic class and tried to encourage him to join me but he said he didn't need it and I needed it more and he constantly tells me that I am a e that he is blackmailing me wit
Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi, There is an initiative that is circulating on social media about a global day of fasting. It reads: Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Let us UNITE in supplication and ASK ALLAH (Most Merciful) to grant us a cure to save us from the Coronavirus. We invite you to join in Global Unity and have a Day of Fasting. GLOBAL DAY OF FASTING Thursday 2nd April 2020 PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD BY SHARING THIS POST ON THIS DAY LET US PRAY FOR: -A CURE FOR THE VIRUS -THAT WE WILL REACH THE MONTH OF RAMADAAN -THAT HADJ CAN BE FULFILLED -THAT WE MAY RETURN TO OUR MASJIDS -AND MAY ALL THE OPRESSED MUSLIMS BE FREED MAY ALLAH PROTECT US ALL INSHA ALLAH *i have typed this verbatim with capitalization and spelling as it appears on the image of a hijabi making dua. Is this permissible? I have no idea who initiated this. Thank you for any guidance and daleel. Jazhak Allahu Kahairan, Atiya Atah
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my mom posses two credit cards both have debt of many thousands with interest, all the debt isn’t filled yet. although she was known that it’s haram but still... but she’s sorry from heart now. her this sin would be forgiven after she completes all her debts.
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