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Is my job halal
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is my job permissible working at an investment bank my job role is: Maintenance of Xplan including the following: o Ensuring that all client workflows and tasks are carried out and completed in line with company policy. o Ensure client data is up to date. o Submit new business to centralised Financial Planning Administration, including provider and product. o Inputting fees. Working with support teams in Liverpool for queries relating to Investment Management clients Using Pulse to maintain client data Develop and maintain effective relationships with clients, colleagues and 3rd parties. Ensure all client packs and paperwork are prepared ahead of client meetings, including requesting valuations. Request specific policy information from product providers, 3rd parties via email and telephone.
Ulamaa ID 06
I am a unmarried man in his 30"s and an addict to pornography / masturbation of 15/20 years. I have tried numerous of times to quit this evil deed, unfortunately my nafs and shaytaan has not allowed me to. But one day very soon I will, In-Sha-Allah. One day whilst browsing this evil addiction of mine, I found myself stumbling across blasphemous video content, in that moment I found myself strangely aroused by it, until I ejaculated and all of the guilt came rushing to me. I promised myself I wouldn't ever consume this type ever again. But shaytaan had other plans, and every once in a while I would take a sneak peak or be aroused by the idea / thought of it. I resolved myself once more and made touba and I never consumed it again, I then went umrah and tried to make a positive change in my life, I went 2 months without pornography etc started to pray and not miss salah and I was happy, until I relapsed. And the cycle started again. (I never consumed blasphemous content after the relapse, only the regular evil) Recently, I have started to doubt my belief, thoughts such as "how can such a disgusting person like you even be Muslim when you have such evil perverted thoughts involving religion, how can you expect Allah to forgive you when you insulted him and his deen, this is why your touba and umrah and duas wasnt accepted" this guilty thinking and self loathing has stopped me from praying, lowered my imaan so much that sometimes I don't even think I'm Muslim anymore. I am genuinely lost and misguided. Can Allah even forgive such a grave sinner as myself? Is there hope? What do I do to help myself get out of this hole? Jzk Abdullah
Assalamualaikum, Can a boy Marry her Mother's Uncle's doughter. Means apni Ammi ke Chacha ke bate se kya nikah Jayaz Hai.Jabki wo larki us larka ka khala lagta hai.
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I’m suffering with constant intrusive thought about madhi and fear all the time that my salat doesn’t count. Sometimes i look at something normal and have bad sexual thoughts about it and feel like madhi have been discharged and i look and there’s nothing and sometimes there’s something. I feel like sheitan is making me having those thoughts because i dont look at anything haram.Its becoming a burden, I’m not someone that suffer with ocd, i only take 10min for ghusl for example and i dont overthink, but this matter is really worrying me i dont know what to do. I have heard a sheikh say for those that suffer with ocd about this matter that we should only check when we are certain that madhi have been emitted or when we answer the call of nature. My question is, As a woman what is haram for me to look at and how to overcome those wisper from sheitan?
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Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakathu During an argument with my wife. I said to her “If you want to divorce me, then you say it, you can have my divorces”, she then said “I divorce you”. Does this constitute a divorce?
Floor purity
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a relative has laminate style flooring in their kitchen. They needed to mop it as there was lots of dust due to renovation in the kitchen. They used a mop to do this but the mop used was an old one that is currently used in the toilet/bathroom. The relative did wash the old mop in the sink with cleaning liquid then used the mop to mop the kitchen floor. My question is has this made the kitchen floor impure due to the fact that the mop was previously used in the bathroom which can be impure due to traces of urine/najasah. Although it was washed in the sink, it may not have been washed enough to remove the impurity. (I’m concerned due to the fact that wudhu is done in the kitchen sink and wet feet then put on the floor). Jazak’allah
I accidentally said Allahu Akbar after reciting surah fatiha in Salah. Do i need to redo salah?
I have shaved my head before Sacrifce confirmation from my Hajj tour operator to whom I had already paid the sacrifice amount in advance. Do I need to pay any Damn in this case as I opened my Ahram before his confirmation which is nearly 2 hours before his confirmation, how much Damn shall I pay.
Diagnostic centers give a pre-fixed percentage to doctors against each test/investigation if the doctor suggest/send patient to the center for testing. And if the center doesn't provide the percentage it doesn't take less form patient. Is it halal to give such percentage? If it's haram, is it halal to do job in such institute?
Ulamaa ID 04
Aslam-o-Alikum I have one question I'm an SEO specialist and I am working with many advertisement companies In my database one company is asking me to publish betting articles. it will be haram or not please tell me If it is halal then ok if not then please inform me. Jazakallah
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