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Ulamaa ID 11

Asslam aliakum

I am strictly following on Hanifi Mahabas, and proud to be a Hanifi and father, forefather belongs to same, but I have read in Qur'an Allah say:

"And Allah has beautiful Names, so cal upon him by them, and leave the company of those who deviate concerning his names. They will be recompensed for what they used to do (sooratul-Araaf 7:180)

And our great imam Abu Haneefah said, 'it is detested for the supplicate too say, 'I ask You by the right of so and so,' or, 'By the right of your prophets and Messengers, and by the right of the Sacred House and the Scared Sanctuary.' (sharhul-Aqeedatut-Tahaawiyyah (p.234) and ithaafus-Saadaatul-Mustaqeem (2/285) and sharhul-Fiqhil-Akbar (p.198) of al-Qaaree)

And Abu Haneefah said, 'it is not befitting for anyone to call upon Allah, except by him, and it is even more detestable for him to say: By the junctures of Hon our from your throne, or 'By the Right of Your Creation' Al-fiqhul-Absat (p.56). this is what we know worshipping or supplicating from Quran and Imam Abu hanifa Rah..

What is the teaching of Tableegh Jammat in Fadhail Amaal chapter Fadhail Durood, p.97 incident no (hikayat) 35: the Messenger of Allah (allegedly) said: "Whoever wants something from anyone should go to grave and supplicate to Allah for it.

Again on p.109, incident # (Hikayat) -48, Fadhail Durood (last chapter Fadhail Amaal, Vol I) sh. Abu Khair Qattah said that: I went to Madinah and stayed there for five days but did not achieve the pleasure and satisfaction. I went to the graves of the Prophet, Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Hadhrat Umar and said "O Messenger of Allah I am your guest tonight.' then I left the place and slept behind the minbar. I saw in my dream that the prophet of Allah with Abu Bakr on his right, Umar on his left and Ali was in front of them all. Hadrat Ali then shook me and said that the messenger of Allah has come to visit me I got up and kissed the prophet between his eyes. The Messenger of Allah then gave me a piece of bread which I ate half and when I woke up the other half was in my hand.

When our Qur'an and Imam Abu Hanifa rah is saying something, but this Tableegh Jammat teaching against our Qur'an and Imam Abu Hanifa, which is right? Give me Clear Answer to this Question?

Assalamu Alaikum, i wanted to ask what is the required maximum Hijab that we have to wear in front of a brother in law who is Baaligh [mature] but is young in age [12 years old]? normally, outside i wear Hijab and Niqab but in the house i do not observe Niqab with this brother in law. Is what i am doing wrong?? Was Salaam
Hajj & Mortgage
Ulamaa ID 04
I have a mortgage, which I now know is haraam. I am trying to get out of this situation and the intention I have taken is to inshallah save everything I can at the end of the month and pay off the mortgage as soon as possible and therefore sacrifice any luxuries that one may want in order to finish this sin.
The dilemma I am facing is that I have not performed Hajj and have made intention to go this year.
So the question is that should I perform Hajj, which will no doubt cost a few thousand pounds, even if I could use my savings into paying off my mortgage as soon as possible, or is it better to pay off my mortgage first with this money and then perform Hajj.
Paying off my mortgage will take about another 4 years and less inshallah.
Ulamaa ID 03

If fatty acids, gelatin and other haraam ingrediants as well as those Emulsifiers which are haraam are present in food, which has the labelling for suitable for vegetarians, is this food halal?

Is Whey powder and Whey powder from milk halal?

Can you pass some information about a full list of haraam ingrediants which are regularly updated?

What's the verdict on Flavourings and Colourings in food?

I'd appreciate it if you can answer ASAP.


Salaat Tasbeeh
Ulamaa ID 02

Dear Brother

Assalamalaikum Wa Rahamtullah.

Please let us know that the SALAAT TASBEEH is allowed to perform in congression ( Jamaa). in the light of Quraan and Sunnah...


Feamman Allah..

Mohammad Yaseen

Ulamaa ID 04
is there a specific number of times one has to wash the hands after istenja or until one is satisfied it is clean????
Ulamaa ID 04
Askm warahmatullah wa barakatahu

According to the Qu`ran and Sunnah could you please advise if it is permitted for Pregnant women to visit the grave of a friend ?
Also which dua can I read during prayers for them ?
Did divorce happen
Ulamaa ID 04

I have had an intense verbal argument with my wife over phone and at one stage during the conversation, upon her uttering a provocative statement, I was about to utter the divorce words but didnt as I was in the state of anger. Later during the same conversation, things cooled down and I was calmed down too. After that conversation ended, I was just sitting by myself and for some reason (probably just to see how the words feel coming out of one's mouth), but certainly with no intention whatsoever to actually divorce my wife (or knowing uttering the words in this manner would mean anything), I uttered in a very low voice "my wife's name and that I divorce you" (to myself, with no one arround me). I believe I did it either once or twice. Its just that this happened about two weeks ago and I can hardly remember how many times I uttered this. I am inclined to think that I utterred it twice but there may be a chance that it may be just once and a very very very low probability that I uttered it thrice (I dont think/believe I did it thrice). But I had no intention whatsover of actually divorcing her and I did it all by myself with no one present arround and it was in a very low voice (a person standing may be a few feet away from me could not have heard it).
The questions is, do we stand divorced in this situation?
It may be noted that while we had Nikah but we havent done rukhsati yet, and my wife is not living with me.

May god bless you for the guidance you render.
Ulamaa ID 01
i am 18 years old i sexually frustrated. . i have communicated the problem with my parents. they say that i have to do sabr beacuse i am currently studying and i wont be able to support a wife. i have tried fasting but it greatly affects my studies. my father has told me to masturbate because of my situation, would this be allowed in my circumstance? i already keep my gaze down and avoid being in contact with women at all unless absolutely neccessary but still the urge is there. i do not watch tv and i pray all my salah and i am also seeking ilm from ulama. i busy myself with zikr whenever i feel aroused and i try to keep my self as busy as possible, but i dont know whether i can keep this up for at least 5 years until i complete my studies.i am following the advice that is usually given and it is helping to a degree. my father has told me that no one will be willing to offer their daughter to me, i acknowledge and accept this. also this abstinence has created a certain amount of hatred for women i consider them sometimes stupid.
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalaam u alaikum Will it be possible for someone to explain the procedures of a Muslim funeral?
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