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Salam Walaikum. i will try to make this as short as possible. so my brother was forced to get married to my sister-in-law and so he’s always been against this marriage and said i will get remarried but will not make her my wife. in my culture divorce is not an option so both men and women has to try and live with each other. i’m not going to take anyone’s side here and speak from what i’ve seen. both are stubborn and will not listen to each other but my sister-in-law has always been unfair. long story short they got together and she got pregnant but had an argument over a silly thing and she started screaming and swearing so my brother got upset and left but now he’s back home but he’s not speaking to my sister-in-law. both were in the wrong and both have a very high ego so no one’s apologising. they have a 8 months old daughter as well. anyway so now my second brother got engaged and my first sister-in-law once had an argument with my his fiancé. so the other day something happened and my second brother got mad at his fiancé and was telling my mother how he wish he didn’t get engaged to her. so my first sister-in-law heard this and told this story to her sister and her sister told the fiancé. she called me and was upset saying why did my brother said this in front of everyone so when i asked my sister in law about it she got mad and started screaming. at first she said she didn’t say it and later she said even if i did say it his fiancé has no right to get upset. she should look at me i’ve been through a lot and no matter what i do because i’m upset people should not question me because i’m not mentally stable now. when she’s mad she threatens she would leave this house and live alone and bring shame to your family and always talks about divorce. we really don’t care if she wants divorce she can ask her husband and get it but she never speak to her husband and whenever something happens she takes it out on us and get angry at us like we didn’t tell our brother to leave you? why are you mad at us? why are you telling others what’s happening in our family? she hits her 8 months old daughter in front of us and screams and wish death upon my brother in front of my mum.
Is it permissible to occasionally listen to an audio of a woman reciting Quran? If the listening is done without obvious feelings of desire, in the Hanafi madhab.
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I recently asked this question but was still confused and wanted a more detailed answer. I read a Hadith that the dua of the person who is wronged is always answered. This made me fearful because I remembered when one of my very close family members said rude and mean things to me I made a negative dua against them. I can’t remember if I made that dua in my heart or out loud. But now I really regret it because I love them a lot and never ever want that dua to come true. So I’m asking if there is a way I can reverse it? Or is having a change of heart enough because Allah SWT knows what’s in the hearts and knows I don’t want that dua to come true.
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Assalawalaikum Mufti Sab, By Allah's Grace I am blessed with Baby Boy. I request you to please clarify Below Questions. 1) I have heard Many Mufti saying, If Baby Girl is born, it means Allah is happy with the Couple. I am recently blessed with Baby Boy, does this means Allah is not much Happy with me and with my Prayers???? 2) I am planning to name my son as MOHAMMED IZHAAN. Can you please give some information regarding name IZHAAN (Meaning). According to Islam is this a good name? If the name is not Good, can you please name some Unique Baby Boy Names???? 3) I am planning to Sacrifice 2 goats for my brother valima (Which is in May 2024), as Hakikha of my Son. is this permissible in islam ???? Thanks for understanding, I am hoping for a quick reply from your Side.
Assalamulaykum, This is something that has deeply disturbed me. There is a Hadith that there is no barrier between the dua of the oppressed and Allah so that means that dua will be accepted. There is also a Hadith that says do not duplicate for yourselves anything but good for the angels say Ameen to whatever you say. In light of these 2 Hadith I have now become very fearful because once a really close family member hurt my feelings by making fun of me and saying mean things. Then I made a negative dua for them. But that was just because I was angry in the moment and now I feel guilty. Because I was oppressed at that time because their words hurt my feelings and because angels say Ameen to whatever one says for themselves and their family, due to this I’m really scared. Please tell me what I should do and if such a dua comes true by default. Such disputes are normal between families so I hope my dua is not regarded as the dua of the oppressed.
Hello, I am in a panic situation. I am married, and from the USA. My husband is Palestinian, and lived in Jordan when we first got married. I wrongly allowed friends and family members to convince me that he only married me to come to the USA, and as a result, I was a very rude and disrespectful wife for the early years of our marriage. Once he gained US Citizenship, and then he didn’t immediately leave me, I realized my family and friends were wrong about him, and that he did enter the marriage in good faith, and is a very good man. And so I began the work of correcting my behavior and changing my views about him by focusing on the good parts of him, and there are many. Soon, I began to love him and respect him the way I always should have done, and to strive to be the wife that Allah S.W.T. would want me to be. I am not perfect, but I begin every day with that intention, and work the whole day to be better and let all my actions show my love and respect. The problem, now, he cannot forgive me and he does not trust me that I will not revert back to my old ways when I thought he was only using me to get here. And he wants to leave me. More recently, he told me that he has not found another woman yet, but is looking for a new wife to marry once he leaves and divorces me. I was very enraged by this, and I spat in his face. He now says that is unforgivable, and that he was 60% leaning toward giving our marriage another chance, until I did that. Now he will definitely leave next month and wants to divorce me at that time. I ask, is there any way for me to redeem myself. Do I even have a right to ask him to continue the marriage with me, or should I accept that I have ruined it, and stop striving toward repairing the marriage. Please advise me, I am completely distraught and ashamed of my actions, and I love my husband, very much.
Assalamualaykum. In one of your answers to my previous questions you said that there was consensus amongst sahaba and tabieen that women can go out for religious needs and to visit parents. I wanted to ask that were some sahaba and tabieen of the opinion that women can go out to meet their siblings and other relatives such as aunts and uncles, just for fun? Or were they of the opinion that there needs to be a desparate need for them to go out to visit these relatives? Also if a woman goes out frequently to visit her siblings and aunts for fun, with the permission of her husband, will that be allowed according to the opinion of the sahaba and tabieen?
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My father in law went bankrupt and he disappeared without informing his family. My husband and family was dependent on him and they were living on a rental property at that time, they didn’t have any saving as well except for the security they paid for the rental house, so it was like the whole world collapsed at once as they didn’t know what to do where to go and how will they manage all this. Meanwhile, I was pregnant and was living with my parents due to my health issues, when I got to know about the situation I asked my husband to move with us to another city and I’ll pay the transportation as well since I was running a business. I asked my in laws to calm down and we should all earn in order to survive. I have 2 unmarried sister in laws and a mother in law, my brother in law got separated because my MIL and SILs throw his wife out of the house. Anyhow, my husband and I started to work, he invested the rental security into a business from which he is not able to earn till now rather I’m paying the expenses of that business as well. Its been a year, my inlaws are very disrespectful towards me. They don’t miss a chance to humiliate me. This is very depressing for me, I got multiple health issues and they just don’t care about that rather they just want me to run the house and do all of their house chores as well because apparently they are all sick. My SIL has a major role in this, she said its my duty to look after everyone as I’m the daughter in law. Now they are also abusing me, I never in my dreams think that this day will come. What should I do, this environment is getting too toxic for me, I even get suicidal thoughts. I just don’t know what to do. I even got an opportunity to move to Australia for work but I always thought what would happen to my inlaws if we move out, but they don’t have regard for anything. My husband is very supportive and I love my child alot, only these two are the reason that I haven’t done anything yet. Please guide me.
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Assalamualaikum to whomever is reading. My father passed on when I was 3 and my mom re-married my step father. He sexually assaulted me between the ages of 3-13 (2010) years old. I’m very ashamed to explain what he did but there was no penetration, only oral, skin to skin contact and touching. Regardless, it really hurts and scars me. I never really understood why but as a child I told myself that I had to hide this from other family members which caused me to not reach out for help. I never really felt angry about it until a few years ago, which is when I was fully aware of how wrong it was. I felt a lot of injustice against me. My step father became very close to my uncle (on my real dad’s side) and has made him to believe that I am a bad person. Also, I feel very upset and angry that he is able to live his life normally while I am still suffering from his actions. He is seen as very religious and kind to the people around us so any attempt of me trying to tell a close family member about my trauma was met with disbelief and no action, which I don’t blame because there is no manual on how to respond to a sexual assault claim. Also because the assault is in the past and not the present, it seems like there’s very little that I can do about it. My hope is to strengthen my relationship with Allah and to heal my heart. I was wondering if I have the right to expose him to get some justice for myself. However, I fear how it may affect my family. I have tried to forgive and forget for the sake of Allah but I’m too weak to do that. But if this is what I should do, I would like some advice on how I can forgive and forget for the sake of Allah. If you could also recommend some duas to heal my heart and give me the strength to forgive, I would greatly appreciate it.
I work as a teacher. I am employed by an Islamic school, with conditions and pay are set by the government. We have a bank of vacation leave which accumulates every year but once we reach a certain maximum any leave not taken is loss. (as will be in my case if I don’t siphon off a few days every now and then by taking them). We need to take a minimum of 7 days up to 19 days if we wish to do so in the year. (weekend days are also counted in the leave period) This year I wanted to take twelve days off for the last 5 days of Ramadan and the first 6 days of shawaal. I have made sure to cover sufficient amount of teaching of the syllabus to make up for the 2 weeks I would not be at school, meaning I am in advance of the workscheme and syllabus. However, my school management met with me and requested that I take only the minimum seven days for the last 5 days of ramadaan. The reason advanced is that the syllabus is not the only right of the students. And in addition to ibadaah there are also Muamallaat to consider. And that the students would come ask me for their rights on the day of judgement. So I was told that while I wouldn’t be refused the leave if I insisted but to think about taking less. In my case this means me losing on the amount of holidays I am entitled to and that can be accrued in my vacation bank however. I didn’t have time to wait for a learned response, so I opted for the reduced number of days. However, I would like your opinion on the matter. What should I have done? What is best when balancing Islamic and secular life etc.? Also what are Muamallaat? And how are they linked in this particular case? Is it true that might students will claim me for my absences or the day of Qayamat? What should my stance be towards absences not just for this case of Ramadan/Shawaal or the 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah which I also like to take off, but in general for absences for any other reasons as well.?
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