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a brother is indeed of this answer as he has asked me this question. i have the dieases of masterbation, i have made a an oath to allah that will help me from this ill act, that when ever i commit this sin i will keep a fast in exchange. and it worked but then shaytaan got the better of me and i commited this sin many a time, i havent kept a fast for any of my promises, i want to make it up to allah and fast so that i maybe forgiven for my sins, but the thing is i have no idea how many times i need to keep this fast, for i have lost count of how many times i did this act. please help me on my dillema and tell me how many fast and other acts i must do to repent for my sins.
Waswasah of divorce
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Aslaam Alaikum I have some questions relating to the same topic. I firstly like to apologise about the length of the question. Please reply. 1) I am suffering from very bad waswasa of divorce thoughts lately, which come to me without my will or intention. Because i am suffering from waswasa everything i say becomes a real struggle of the mind. If i say something to anyone or read quran or a book, something in my head makes me believe that i am saying these things to my wife. For example i might be getting angry towards my brother but something in my mind makes me believe that i am saying these words to my wife. Or if I have a book or papers or clothes in my hand and something in my head makes me feel that there is a metaphor on there and makes me feel there is intention. What do I do? please tell me how to solve this problem of unintentional thoughts? Everytime I talk or write, something makes me feel that there is intention, but in reality I have no intention. I am struggling. BECAUSE OF THIS CONDITION I FEEL THERE IS A LACK OF SELF CONTROL IN ME AND I AM SCARED THAT BECAUSE OF THIS I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO CONTRO!L MY INTENTIONS AND MY THOUGHTS, WHAT DO I DO? 2) At one point I was at my in-laws and I was standing by the door waiting for my wife. My sister in law asked me if I was going, it was just a general/normal question. At first I didn't reply because of these thoughts, because they make me feel that I am aiming it towards my wife, but really I have no intention. So she asked me again and I said 'yes/yeah'. At that moment something in my head made me feel that I am saying 'yes/yeah' to divorce. But really I have no intention and I don't intend to. I would like to know what the ruling would be IF there was intention in saying of 'yes/yeah' to a normal general question as explained, would that count? 3)If someone writes just their signature with intention (in their mind) on plain paper or a business contract or a document or a general printed paper sitting on a table with possible metaphors printed on, would that count? No verbal speech is spoken or anything written by them self or given except the writing of the signature
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Salam walaikum I hope you are doing well my brother. My question is regarding working in a betting shop and i seek advice and guidance from you in regards to the issue I am going to present here. I have been deviated for a long time but alhamdulillah started practicing the deen from 2009 onwards. Now, I have been working in this betting shop from long before that. I have been well aware of the prohibition of gambling and being involved in it indirectly by working at a place where gambling is taking place, I understand it is not something permitted even though I am not betting myself. I do not wish to work here anymore however having graduated in Computing I have been finding it impossible to find a job in IT or any other job over the past 2 years. I am 26 and have a wife to look after and possibly a budding family soon. I had come to study in the UK from Bangladesh. I do not have my own family here but my in laws live here in the UK who are not aware as to where I work. I want to leave this job but with no other source of income I wouldn't be able to pay the rent and all other bills. I appreciate your time and effort and seek an advice to resolving this issue. Jazak Allah
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Assalaamu alaikum

When a women is out due to necessity to do shopping for the family, is it forbidden for her to answer the salaam of a non mahram shop keeper she comes into contact with? Also, how should one limit their speech when out and about in situations where the voice must be used?


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if i was to give charity from my own money, do i need permision from my husband??
Islamic cartoons
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Assalam aleykum. Are islamic cartoons that contain music alowed? My husband says that the benefit outweights the harm but i can't help feeling that i'm poisoning them.
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Assalamualikum,brother i need u 2 answer this question why do some people read the quran backwords! i hav been told this can be done on sertain ocasions if one is posead by a jin etc peer Adul latif chohudury known as fultoli saab- bangladesh has said this is right.so can u answer this plz if u cant then plz gather info on it an let me no ok.asap plz

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i used to recite surah while i was praying in the jamaat behind the imam.i heard that you are not supposed to recite surah using your tongue but not loudly behind the imam.whenever i hear the imam recite...i automatically start reciting behind him silently.i just wanted to make sure if this is right or wrong.help me with the right procedure of praying in a jamaat behind the imam.

i wud appreciate it if i get a reply.AllahHafiz

do children have to wear scarfs?and what if they dont?
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Are Alina and Jiah Islamic Names and what they mean.
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