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A boy at the age of 13 did a heinous act.He penetrated penis into a girl's anus when she was 8 or 9..He told her that it was just a game...After that,he realized his mistake,told his mother and few of his friends in deep remorse and repent to Allah and ask forgiveness from that girl..Now he is 20 and recently knew about the punishment of rape and it’s compensation as a dowry..So,he is shcoked now as he didn’t knew that before..He is also confused that whether he reached puberty that time or not,whether it was a rape or not, whether he has to pay compensation or not and whether he repented from that sin properly or not so that he can move on and marry another woman...It will be so kind of you if you kindly clarify it in details..He is suffering from waswas for this.
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam o Alikum. I suffer from different problems regarding the waswas. Last night i was reciting Holy Quran. Suddenly a shirk thought came in my head. I just closed my eyes. But then I again got a thought that people usually close their eyes to show agreement or permission to something. So now i feel that I've intentionally committed shirk. I am not sure whether i have committed shirk or Shaytan is whispering. In my heart i know that Allah is the only God amd Islam is the true religion. I'm very anxious right now. I'm fearful of doing shirk.
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamualaikum, I am speaking from Sutrapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. My question to you. Plays. In the evening, fireworks explode and lanterns fly. I and many others dislike these. The imam of the mosque forbade these celebrations. In India, Nepal and Sindh in Pakistan this day is also celebrated as Makar Sankranti. What does Islam say about this ?? Is This Bidah??
As Salaam u Alaikum, My question is in regards to wudu validity. Whenever I make wudu, I usually wash the body parts that need to be washed more than 3 times. The reason for this is because I was told from a young age that you have to have water cover every part of the body part that you are washing. But when I wash a body part 3 times, I feel as though there are some parts that haven't been covered by water, so I proceed to wash it more than 3 times. I just recently found out that washing a body part more than 3 times intentionally is not allowed as the Prophet(pbuh) never did so. So my question is, is my wudu still valid if I wash body parts more than 3 times? And will be prayer be accepted if I pray with that wudu? If my prayer is not accepted, then do I have to now make up all the prayers I made with that wudu in the past? Also since I can't wash more than 3 times, what am I supposed to do if after washing 3 times, there is still some small spot that wasn't washed? Jazakallah, As Salaam u Alaikum
I had to make ghusl after my period the night before i had a shower before ghusl, i did ghusl the first time then did it an additional time to make sure and then did it in warmer water after my shower i rubbed my skin and saw black and grey come off i’m not sure if this is a barrier simply because i cant see it nor feel it in my daily activities and my pores had opened up so i scrubbed the limbs in which i saw this from vigorously and then began to be very nervous as i also suffer from waswas but islamqa had said dirt from the body isn’t a barrier but i’m still confused. i did ghusl again for the 3rd time and after wards rubbed my stomach and saw this and washed it seperatly but is this a barrier it’s not hard not visible
Ulamaa ID 04
After about 3 hours of performing my ghusl for janabah. I found a spot on my chest. This spot had been there before my ghusl. It is the type that is initially pink filled with pus and then later becomes hard like a seed that can be peeled and removed. I had not been aware whether it has been the case that it could’ve been removed during ghusl because I didn’t remove it, only after did I realise that it hard become like a seed and therefore removal. Did this cause a barrier whilst I was performing my ghusl and should I re perform my ghusl
Asslam o Alaikum, I and my wife both have been working for last 10 years. and we both jointly have some wealth. which is well above nisab mashallah. we have disagreement on where to pay our zakat. so we want to pay separately. on what basis we calculate wealth share between us for the purpose of zakat calculation. JazakAllah
Ulamaa ID 04
AOA, My islamic divorce happened in pakistan in 2003, i came to UK through proper visa channel so same islamic marriage is also accepted in UK, i am separated from my husband from 7 years since 2013 and now i am taking civil divorce in uk, after my civil divorce, do i need to take khula as well?? or is it considered as islamic Talaq?? Many thanks, sabiha dawood
Salaam, I have a question: I work in a Norwegian company as a software developer. they pay me on hour bases, I add my working hours in the final invoice and send it to them at the end of each month. sometimes the manager doesn't reply or give me daily tasks on time but I still have to be active on the chat application all day and reply to the chat questions to other team members if they ask. My question is. Is it haraam for me to add those hours in the invoice if there is no work? and I am just chatting or waiting for the manager to give me tasks? Please let me know.
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam u Alaikum, We have a wooden frame in our kitchen. It was made impure by urination of my sister's child who is about 18 months old.This incident took place before 3-4 months.Now today we cleaned the kitchen with a wet cloth.Has the cloth been impured and conequently all the places where it was used?Does the immovable wooden frame not fit into the definition of earth and earth becomes pure after the urine dries thereby the wooden frame also?
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