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If sunni muslim girl can marry dawoodi bohra boy? Is it allowable in sharia??
My wife helped me All my life. While I am still alive I want to give her every thing, all my assets as a gift
When we sacrifice for Eid ul Adha, some people keep whole parts of thier animals i.e. Whole leg of goat, cow etc. And then roast it or gift it. Is it allowed in Islam? As I have heard that we need to cut the entire animal properly and equally. And then divide it in three parts instead of gifting the whole part to your relatives
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Assalamualaikum.w.w. A lady took part for qurbani, as we know shaving and cutting nails are Makrooh. But she needs to take Ghusl, so what does she do.
Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, Since we are unable to perform Udhaya in overseas can you please advise me if it is permissible to send money to Islamic organisations who can perform Udhaya on my behalf? JazakAllahu Khairan
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Is earning of a person who doesn't pray five daily prayers or irregular in prayer halal?
Dear Brother, I intended to sacrifice for Eid ul Adha and sent money back home. They are sacrificing a cow and I decided to be a part of it so I sent my share of money (1/7th) since seven people can sacrifice one cow. Is it permissible for me to cut hair during the dhul haj since i am not doing the sacrifice by myself. instead on my behalf it will be done since i sent money to a friend who will put it for a cow in which other six people also have a part?
21:30 of the Quran says all living things are from water but jinns are from fire and angels are from light. Can you answer this contradiction please
AslaamoAliakam I have two questions First I want to know that is it mandatory to prostrate immediately when u recite the prostrate ayat in Quran or u may may offer prostrate latter. Secondly, whether the prostrate is mandatory when u only read the translation of Quran in any other language e.g urdu or english. JazakAllaha
Did I commit shirk?
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I had not slept the night and only got about 30 minutes before fajr. My mind was clouded with sleepiness as I was doing dhikr,eveytime I uttered the part "None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone" I got thoughts of different things such as Shaitan, dajjal and negative thoughts ( don't know how to describe them).I read the dua Amantu-billahi wa rasulihi, read auoothubillahi, and thought of Allah's names while reading the meaning. I want to believe they are intrusive thoughts but I fear I have committed major shirk as if I was associating and it's disturbing me greatly! I have said the shahada a lot of times. Please advise.
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