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Dodgy Taweez

15th April 2011
Taweez or Amulet, watch it till the end. I have, on many times, opened up one of these and seen the shirk in it too, as well as the numbers.

Is the Video below Authentic? I dont know. But I tell you what, I have clearly seen shirk written inside these things and asking for help from others and not Allah. When am asked to take one of these amulets for my wife or kids, I always refuse but take it to see what it is filled with. Sometimes I get asked why I dont believe in them, My answer is simple, I dont need to expalin. However I tell the person trying to pass it on to me to open it and read it. If it is pure Islamic, then fine, otherswise it gets burnt.

The main part of the video comes towards the end. I'ts only 3 minutes, watch it.

Youtube Video
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posted by abu mohammed on 15th April 2011 - 3 comments


Maria al-Qibtiyya wrote on 19 May 2014
I can't have access to YouTube. Please tell me the title of the video. I can watch it at other video sites. Jazakallahu khairan.

Blogger's Reply:

They video is called "The Revival _ Part 3 - How Black Magic Has Infilttrated the Muslims

Maria wrote on 22 May 2014
Jazakallahu khairan.
parizaad wrote on 26 Aug 2015
Please can someone tell me i have found a taweez at my maternal house hanging from a Neem tree , when we took it out it had arabic numbers and some name scribbled in urdu.i am not understanding why it was put in a tree and what was the use of it.
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