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Muslim Inventions

6th January 2011
So, The Muslims are uncivilized, Barbaric and old fashioned. This is what our children are being taught. They are given names of Kuffars who have made a few inventions and thats all they will ever be taught. How sad, when way before these kuffar came into this world, the Muslims had already started civilizing the people. Until today, we are all in great need of the system developed by the Muslims, AlHumdulillah. Lets take a peak at what we have given to the world.

The Watch, Astronomy and Navigation, Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Development of chemistry, KIOSKS, Perfumes from the East, The World's First Soft Drink, Sight savers, First bold attempt at flight, The first windmill, From bucket to bike, Modelling the Stars, Using an Astrolabe, The Pendulum, The Mariners Compass, Braille, Toothbrush, Cosmetics, Gunpowder, The impact of Muslim learning on the West, Turning clay to gold, Pioneering plastic surgery, Calligraphy and reform of the Arabic language, Manufacturing of Paper and Cloth, The Agricultural Revolution, Water Management, Chess, Gardens, Libraries, Geography, Travelling, Architecture, Pension, Ambulance, Child Benifit, Hospitals, Chemical industries, Chemical processes, Acids, Glass industry, Oil industry, Engineering, Wind-powered fountain, Mercury-powered automata, Programmable analog computer, Pumps, Artificial thunder, lightning and weather simulation, Boiler with tap, Bolted lock and mechanical controls, Fountain pen, Gas mask, Gate operator, Drugs and medications, Surgical Intruments, Military, AND MUCH MORE

For a fuller description on each of these and much much more, please see the posts on the forum below.

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