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Taqleed or No Taqleed

3rd January 2011

The Prophet - The Sahaba - The Tabi'een - The Tabi' Tabi'een - The Imams - The Muhaddith - The Scholars - and so on to Us - a STRONG CHAIN and for those who would like to compare it to the rope of Allah, then that also includes the Rope of Allah, The Quran.

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Please note, I can not take any credit for this as it is not my finding, (nor any criticism from those who are blind)
posted by abu mohammed on 3rd January 2011 - 3 comments


mokap wrote on 3 Jan 2011
Who is saying anti madhab, all i was trying to say was follow a school yes but if a strong hadith comes to you which go agienst your school, then what. Are you still goin to follow your school. And yes follow a school but do not blindly follow your school or you will be an extrimest in the religion like the prophet saw said. And when you study fiqh they even tell you they are two extrimest the one who says you have to stick to a school and the other say you have to stick to one opion.

Sorry about the spelling mistakes
Blogger's Reply:
Salaam Mokap. What are you talking about? I didnt say anything to you, please clarify.


I saw your blog, well done. I think you need to change the colours a bit, they are too bright. Keep it up, inshaAllah we will be rewarded for our efforts.
mohammed wrote on 4 Jan 2011
you are sayin that i am anti madhab
Blogger's Reply:
mohammed wrote on 4 Jan 2011
In one of the comments, forgot BOUT IT. I pout some new posts on the site, check it out
Blogger's Reply:
I just took a look at your posts, I cant comment now but it looks good. there are over 3500 members and over 1 million non members, and your asking only me. I have over 85 comments in my blog from different people, I have no idea who they are!

Any way, never mind. Good work, keep it up.
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