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Brass - Bangles (Possibly Copper and Magnetic too)

2nd January 2011
Copper - Magnetic - Bangles- Bracelets etc, commonly worn to heal pain in the hand

"When The Prophet (Peac Be Upon Him) saw a Brass bangle on a man's upper arm, He said to him "Woe be on you! What is this? The man replied that it was to protect from a sickness al-Wahinah. The Prophet then said, "Cast it off, for verily it would only increase your weakness. And if you died with it on, you would never succeed"

This Hadith is related by Ahmed, Ibn Maja and Ibn Hibban.
(Wahinah = weakness, Possibly refering to arthiritis)

It is an illussion from Shaytan that you are being cured. When the bangle is removed, the pain becomes worse. It is not a cure.
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