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Fiqh made Easy

29th October 2010

The Complex work of Fiqh made easy, InshaAllah

We have the Quran, We have the Hadith, We have the actions of the Sahaba, We have eyewitness accounts, We have The Khulafa e Rashedeen, We have the Greatest of Ulama to walk the face of the earth, We have millions of narrations, We have millions of questions, We have millions of issues, We have millions of Answers. We have One Allah, We have One Quran, We have One Prophet Muhammad (saw), We have One Deen, Islam. We are All Muslims

From all of the above the, The Sahaba, Tabi'een, Tabe Tabi'een, Fuqaha etc have taken rulings and Masa'il in the light of The Quran & Sunnah. Each and every Masa'il links to another Masa'il, each and every Masa'il has its origin and source, every Masa'il is derived from a fixed set of rules. Each rule, each Masa'il coincides with the next rule, then with the next rule then with the next rule and so on. With every Masa'il in place with its rules and how it got there and why it is the closest opinion, is all combined and working in perfect harmony to the Way of The Prophet (SAW).

Each of the four schools of Fiqh have many complex rules which have been derived from thousands of different evidences, which all intermatch with every ruling from within that school.

We have The Hanafi school, the Shafiee school, the Maliki school, and the Hanbali school. Each of these schools have taken The Quran, Hadith, Actions of the Sahaba and so on and arranged their schhols to coincide with all of them. Each Mas'ala is backed with strong evidences, each Mas'ala moves on smoothly to the next Mas'ala and so on.

These schools of fiqh have been around for more than 1000 years. All the Great Scholars of Islam Have followed one of them.

Lets take a look at how complex fiqh is and what it might look like inside these four schools.

Some claim that you should take out the strongest opinion from them and follow that way, but this will lead to confusion for the Mas'ala of Fiqh, just like the Cogs of a clock, they all match one after the other and work perfectly. If you try to be clever and take out all the opinions and then form your own fiqh then nothing will fit in place, you will have some Mas'ala that will contradict another Mas'ala. Your Deen, Iman, Aqeedah will be in a total mess. You will start to follow what suits your needs and ways. This will lead to SHIRK.

The above can be seen as the complex work of the four schools of thought.

What happens if you try to find the strongest opinion

You cant put it back, you or any one today doesnt have the knowledge to do it
As you can see, once you start taking out the Masa'il of fiqh and the evidence used for it and then try to pick another Masa'il of fiqh, you can not put every thing back to work in perfect harmony. One Masa'il of fiqh will not coincide with another Masa'il of Fiqh.

The other that can happen is that you will end with "Scholars for Dolars"

The four schools of Fiqh have been tried, tested and accepted by the Greatest of Scholars, no matter how big they were.

InshaAllah, The safest thing to do is follow one school. Every thing will work perfectly. Your every day routine will match with all the laws and rules every day for ever, no complications, no contradictions. Just like Clock work.

All you will need to do is keep on ticking.


posted by abu mohammed on 29th October 2010 - 2 comments


Pharmk414 wrote on 12 Feb 2011
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arshad faisal wrote on 10 Mar 2011
Masha Allha great web and work
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