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Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jailani

27th October 2010
A comment sometimes passed by misinformed Ahle Hadtih:
If the Ahle Hadith were wrong, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jailani would not have been an Ahle Hadith. He used to make raful yadain (lifting the hands between different postures of salah). Does there still remain any doubt about him being an Ahle Hadith?

The Answer to these insults

To call Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jailani an Ahle Hadith is another lie just like all the other

Shaikh sahib was a follower of Imam Ahmed ibn Hambal (R.A), (Ghunyatut-taalibeen pg.431) whereas the Ahle Hadith refer to taqlid as shirk.
He considered making Nabi (S.A.W) a waseelah (means to gain from Allaah)
permissible, (pg.34) whereas The Ahle Hadith are an enemy to the act of waseelah.
To make a verbal intention (for salah) according to him is better and more virtuous, (pgs.20 & 55) whereasthe Ahle hadith read salah without intention and say that to make a verbal intention is an act of innovation.
He says that the person behind the Imam (in salah) should remain silent when the
Imam is reciting the qiraat, (pg.431) whereas the Ahle Hadith reject this.
He says that taraweeh is of twenty rakats, (pg.294) whereas the Ahle Hadith say this is an innovation.
He acknowledges that the dead can hear, (pg.457) wheras you reject this.
Now you tell me, was Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jailani a Sunni or a Ghair muqallid wahhaabi?
What does remain is whether one becomes a Ghair muqallid just because he makes raful yadain? Well, in that case all the Shia Rafidis are Ghair muqallids, because they make raful yadain at more instances than the Ahle Hadith (in salah).

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posted by abu mohammed on 27th October 2010 - 1 comment


Muhammad Ishfaq wrote on 26 Jan 2011
Respectable Shaikh we are muslim. Muslim mean who surrender and submit himself to Allah. Who spend his live with in parametes defind by Holy Prophet(PBUH). At the day of judgement Allha will ask have about rules defined by Allah and Holy prophet.
Blogger's Reply:
jazakallah for taking the time to read the post. Please beware of the fact that I am not a Shaikh, Imam, Mufti, Hafiz or teacher.

You are right, Allah will not ask us about others, but if we follow others who are doing wrong, then without a doubt we would also be doing wrong.

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was a saint, He followed the way of Ahle Sunnah wal Jammat and adopted the Hanbali school of fiqh. But the Ghair Muqallid shun the 4 four schools. There are many Hadith that mention that there will be people who will let go of the Majority of the Ummah and they will be lead astray. We can follow one of these 4 schools as they all agree with the basic principle of Islam and the Ghair Muqallid mould their deen to suit them selves. This will end up in Shirk because they will be following their Desires.

Take a look at my post regarding "Following Desires to Shirk".

The Rules DO matter.
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