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Is He a Disbeliever?

16th September 2010
Disbeliever or Believer

A man approached a scholar and his Student and asked,

'What do you say of a man who doesnt aspire for paradise, doesnt fear hell & doesnt fear Allah?'

He eats dead meat (not slaughtered)?

Prays without Ruku or Sajda?

He bears witness to that which he can not see?

He hates the truth & loves his trials?

He escapes & runs away from Mercy?

He believes the Jews and Christians?

The scholar then asked his students what they thought of such a man.

All the students agreed that this was a clear description of a disbeliver.

The scholar then replied to his students and said "on contrary this is a description of a beliver."

Amazing, How can such a person be a Believer?

The Greatest Imam, following the Greatest Rasul, with the teachings of his Beloved, alway thinks good of every thing, never thinks with a negative attitude, always has an answer, always positive, always fearing Allah, AbuHanifa.

He explains;

He aspires for the Creator of the Heavens & fears the creator of Hell. He fears no injustice from Allah.

He eats Fish.

He prays the Janazah.

He bears witness that there is no God but Allah & that Muhammad is his messenger, yet he has not seen either of them.

He hates the truth, which is death because he wishes to obey Allah longer.

The trials are his children & money.

Mercy is the rain.

He believes the Jews when they say that the Christians have nothing to stand for and he believes the Christians when they say that the Jews have nothing to stand for.


Always give them Benefit of the Doubt

Abu-Hanifa's mind, amazing. Think positive, think good of all people, be a true muslim judge.

The Best Example

As we know that the best person to have ever lived is the Prophet Muhammad (SAS) and he is the best of example for mankind. If we follow him we can never go wrong. Áisha (RAa) the Prophet's wife described the Prophet's conduct as follows: "He was neither a obscene talker nor a user of bad words. He did not shout nor did he repay evil with evil. He used to forgive people and overlook their sins." (Tirmidhi). Final Advice: A beautiful saying of the Prophet (SAS) that will ensure the protection of our tongue. The Messenger of Allah (SAS) said: "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last day, LET HIM EITHER SPEAK GOOD OR KEEP SILENT"
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posted by abu mohammed on 16th September 2010 - 2 comments


Anonymous wrote on 23 Feb 2012
taalibah wrote on 14 Oct 2013

Absolutely, spot on! Alhumdulillah
Blogger's Reply:

On top of that, the major lesson is to always think good of our brothers and sister, or don't think ill of them at all.

Keeping the mind and heart clean helps us move on in life with a happier joyful life for ourselves.

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