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Dua Khatmal Quran

20th February 2016

Allah, the Most High, the Most Great has spoken the truth. And His noble Messenger has spoken the truth. And we are witnesses to that. O our Lord, accept from us for verily you are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing. 

O Allah, grant us with every harf (letter) of the Quran halawah (sweetness) and with every Juz (part) of the Quran jazaa (reward).

O Allah, grant us with (the recitation of every) alif ulfah (love),
and with baa barakah (blessing), 
and with taa tawbah (repentance), 
and with thaa thawaab (reward), 
and with jeem jamaal (beauty), 
and with haa hikmah (wisdom), 
and with khaa khair (goodness), 
and with daal daleel (proof), 
and with dhaal dhakaa (intelligence), 
and with raa rahmah (mercy), 
and with zaa zakaah (purity), 
and with seen sa'aadah (happiness), 
and with sheen shifaa' (cure), 
and with saad sidq (sincerity), 
and with daad diyaa' (light), 
and with taa taraawah (tenderness), 
and with zaa zafar (victory), 
and with 'ain 'ilm (knowledge), 
and with ghain ghinaa (wealth), 
and with faa falaah (success), 
and with qaaf qurbah (nearness), 
and with kaaf karamah (nobility), 
and with laam lutf (gentleness), 
and with meem maw'izah (exhortation), 
and with nun noor (light), 
and with waaw wuslah (connection), 
and with haa hidayah (guidance), 
and with yaa yaqeen (certainty). 

O Allah, benefit us with the the great Quran. And raise us with the ayat and the wise Remembrance. And accept from us our recitation and overlook our mistakes and our forgetfulness and our inattentiveness in changing words from their (correct) places or advancing or delaying or adding or subtracting or interpretation (according to) other than what You have revealed. Or doubt or uncertainty or bad adaa' or hurrying whilst reciting the Quran or laziness or hastiness or a swerving tongue. Or stopping without wuquf or idghaam withoutmudgham or iz'haar without bayaan or madd ortashdeed or hamzah or jazm or i'raab (according to) other than what You have decreed. Or lack of longing and fear at the (time of reciting) theayat of mercy and punishment. So forgive us, our Lord, and write us as amongst the witnesses. 

O Allah, illuminate our hearts with the Quran, and beautify our character with the Quran, and save us from the Fire with the Quran, and enter us into Jannah with the Quran. O Allah, make the Quran for us in this world a qareen (close companion), and in the grave a mu'nis (....), and upon the sirat (path) a light, and in Jannah arafeeq (friend), and from the Fire a sitr (shield) and a hijab (barrier), and to good deeds, all of them, a daleel (evidence). So write for us upon the completion and grant us [adaa' bil qalbi wa al-lisaani] and love of goodness and happiness and glad tidings of faith. 

Wa sallallahu ta'aalaa 'alaa khairi khalqihi Muhammad wa aalihi wa ashaabihi ajma'een wa sallama tasleeman katheeran katheeraa.


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Farhadul zaman wrote on 21 Apr 2021
GOD Bless U ❤❤❤
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