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Abdullah Vs Abdul Nafs

13th July 2015
This topic can cover many aspects from which school of thought we follow to our daily routine (actions)
My intention is to get the younger children to read such details so please try to keep comments in accordance to Islamic principles knowing that young children will also read this blog inshaAllah.
I've heard from parents about a few incidents when young children said they had heard lectures in which the Shaykh said, "Well you wouldn't watch filthy movies in front of your children, would you?" Now the poor kids took the understanding that the parents wouldn't watch it out of shame in front of them, yet they would watch it in private. But the fact that the Imam has implied that they are watching this stuff, they have assumed it was normal and okay to watch such nonsense. This then leads to further haram acts of deceptive pleasure.
I seriously think these Ulama should get their wording correct! Think about the implications! In fact I think they should hit the nail on the head and confront such issues and show the youth how HARAM this is and how deceptive Shaitan is and always will be.
A major point to remember for parents is that, such stuff doesn't only happen via the TV, it's on your phones, computers, laptops, tablets and so on. In fact, last nite I saw my 2 year old niece using a smart phone (I've seen her doing this from a much younger age) from the home page, looked for all apps, loaded YouTube, scrolled up and down and started watching her videos (nasheeds:)) and then she would swipe it off the screen and watch another, SubhanAllah , its so easy :(
Schools, (ESPECIALLY ISLAMIC SCHOOLS) should teach this when students reach a certain age and continue teaching, otherwise, they will just go onto Google and find all the WRONG answers on there.
State schools have the tendency to promote such filthy behaviour which leads to even more worse sins and young kids are now getting the wrong idea. Please help stop it.
It is very sad to hear that such thoughts are also coming from Islamic schools as parents who have bought this up have their children in Islamic schools.
Kids, it is Haram to watch it, regardless of if you are married, single, divorced, young or old and if your friends have told you otherwise, it's your duty to inform them of the verses of the Qur'an as posted below (many more examples can be found). Learn them by heart and help them come out of this false belief. Remember when you STOP YOURSELF from sinning, YOU WILL TASTE THE SWEETNESS OF IMAAN, Trust me. You feel happier to know that you didn't listen to your Nafs and the whispers of Shaitan, rather, you sacrificed an evil thought/desire for the pleasure and sake of Allah. How pleased would Allah be?
Have you seen he who has taken as his god his [own] desire, and Allah has sent him astray due to knowledge and has set a seal upon his hearing and his heart and put over his vision a veil? So who will guide him after Allah ? Then will you not be reminded?
So ask yourself something, If you give-in to your desires, you have actually made your desires your God and not Allah!!!!
Do we want to be Mushrikeen in this silly way? Or do we want to remain as Muslims?
Are you Abd-Allah (Abdullah) or Abdul Nafs
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