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19th November 2014

This got me thinking the other day, especially after the attacks on a synagogue in Israel. 

Here's something to think about, and NO, I'm not justifying anyone's barbaric behavior, just making a little short and concise comparison. 

Here's the deal... 

The State, many years ago didn't exist, so what did they do? They got some Holy land that is mentioned in the 3 monotheistic religions, went there (or were already there), settled in and slowly but surely started taking over the whole place! 

They gained power, they gained man power, they secured themselves a whole new land by way of terrorizing the occupants, they forced themselves in, they caused destruction, chaos, mayhem, killed innocent people in their hundreds and the list can go on. 

Then they appeal to everyone of their faith to come and join them, to come and live with them, to come and support them, to fund them, to be part of their cause, to be one of them.... 

And what happens, one of these so-called states gets world sympathy and the other is labelled a terrorist organisation. Whereas in actual fact, both of these are terror states and they are both doing exactly the same thing except one is accepted and the other is not. 

I was going to ask which 2 states these were, but that would be an insult to my fellow brothers and sisters. 

You got it! It's the (illegal)Israeli State and the (not so)Islamic State. 

One of these States calls upon its people from other countries to help them fight and they are considered soldiers. They go, fight openly, wound people including innocent civilians, kill innocent civilians and return to their normal life and the whole world praises them. 

The other State does the same thing, calls on its followers and people react by taking away their citizenship, arresting them on their return, throw them in prison and throw the keys away! 

I just don't get it. Both of these States are illegal yet they are treated in the completely opposite way. 

One State gains world sympathy and the other gains world condemnation and rightfully so! Yet they are both the same. Both using their religion to fool the world and to justify their acts. 

We have orthodox Jews who totally oppose any Jewish State and consider Israel to be illegal occupants of an orthodox Muslim Land and we have orthodox Muslims from the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa'ah who totally oppose the Islamist State! 

Yet, who, of all people, face all the nonsense? 

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