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Temptation of Women

9th October 2013

THIS IS A REAL LIFE INCIDENT (some wording has been changed as to not give away the location of the person)

I take the metro train everyday and a girl would get on in the same carriage, day in day out and we would both get off at the same station where I change trains and she goes out to the subway.

God had blessed her with a nice face but not Islaam.

She was really beautiful and it was my faith that stopped me from sinning. But everyday I would see her and she would see me and we would cross paths but never spoke. This was for about a year.

Sometimes when she wouldn't get on the train, Satan used to make me think why.

One day we were both put into such a situation we really didn't know what to do.

The train was rammed and there was hardly any room to breath. Anyways, what happened that day was a turning point.

Well that day I was leaning on the side by the door and when she got on, on an already packed train, she had no space or choice but to come and stand directly in front of me. It was really difficult because of the shear amount of people on the train. Neither of us could turn to the left or to the right. It was face on and almost touching each other.

We were both in a situation. We looked each other in the eye and looked down, then again we saw each other and realized how uncomfortable we both were. We couldn't do anything, even if she looked down then her head would touch me and vice versa.

Really embarrassing situation as we both kind of knew each other but never said anything because we never really needed to. But this situation got us so close, we couldn't believe it.

Being a born again Moslem, I always wanted to give dawah but refrained from doing so because I knew that I wanted an excuse to talk to her and make friends.

Anyways back to the same spot where we were both almost hugging each other!

She was very nervous and feeling very shy, it felt as if she had never been so close to a man before.

So how did I feel? I've never been so close to anyone but my wife.

What did I do?

I looked at her again and saw the blushing on her face and said to my self "I know how she feels" so I had to make my move.

I knew instantly what to do so we didn't have to make eye contact every second.

I managed to brush my hand pass her and down into my pocket. I took out my Quraan. She looked at me as if I wanted her number and smiled.

I thought to myself, let me read the Quraan in English.

So I started reading and reading and reading until there was more space on the train. I continued to read not even realising that she wasn't there anymore. I didn't look to see where she went. I just carried on reading.

The next day as usual, I got on the train and this time I didn't wait for her to get on and just look at her and carry on with the journey, this time was different. I didn't look, I didn't want to know, I didn't care, I just got myself lost in the Quraan.

I completed the entire Quraan in English all because of a beautiful girl.

I would tell my wife verses of the Quraan that were related to us and all sorts.

Then one day, my wife asked me if I'd ever see another girl or looked at them, you know, the normal chit chat. So I told her that she had nothing to worry about and I even told her why I got to read the whole Quraan. All because of a beautiful girl.

Since then, I have completed more than 4 Quraans in English and Arabic all on the train and all because of this girl.

She doesn't even come anymore. I guess she got a new job or has embraced Islam and moved on.

I heard that when you stop yourself from committing a sin and you now that you could've easily committed it, you actually taste the sweetness of faith, it tastes much more beautiful than any girl in real life or television.

I can only thank God for putting me on the right path and pray to him that he always keeps me there as I know it's not easy.

Satan will do anything to destroy our faith and walk away free. We can't let him do that, can we?



EDIT: Its October 2015 and I've just been informed that the brother has now seen the same girl in the train but this time in hijaab and he's very pleased to know that she is a Muslim.

posted by abu mohammed on 9th October 2013 - 6 comments


taalibah wrote on 9 Oct 2013
Amazing story brother....Jazakallah for sharing.
hammad ahmed wrote on 15 Oct 2013
may Allah Grant us Taqwa and Grant us ability to lower our gaze and guard our modesty....Ameen
Muadh Khan wrote on 16 Oct 2013
king rider wrote on 26 Oct 2013
u guys think talking with any gal is sin. u guys r corrupted so u think in negative way when u see a gal. but if I see any gal I treat her like my frnd n won't get tempted like u guys. if u think positive the result is good
Fatima Amenda wrote on 1 Mar 2014
Mash'Allah! Allahu Akbar ... thank you for sharing this brother Jazak'Allah Khairan
Hasan wrote on 17 Aug 2014
@king rider,

May Allaah guide you because Shaytaan has made you totally unaware of your own heart.

@abu mohammed,

Nice story!
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