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Sad FACT of Life!

23rd July 2013

In a poem written by Imam Shafi', he states some very true facts about life!

Taken from a talk delivered by Shaykh Sulaiman Mulla.

"When they see me happy, it Hurts them! Today people are not sad over their issues. They are sad over the hapiness of others"

"Aaj log apne dukh se dukhi nahin hai, dusro ke sukh se dukhi hai"

(Apologies for the half hearted translation, in the lecture, the poem started in Arabic then swiftly moved to English and then went into fully Urdu. I guess it was more powerful in Urdu than in English)

posted by abu mohammed on 23rd July 2013 - 1 comment


taalibah wrote on 23 Jul 2013
Sadly, that's how it is today, everybody trying to outdo each other, becoming pleased at the failures of others, and becoming sad at their achievements. Allah swt protect us from jealousy and the evil eye.
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