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Islamic Slaughter - Torture or Submission

3rd September 2012
True Submission and a faith increasing video.

You might want to skip the first 3 minutes of the intro.

Please watch all 3 attempts from 3 different poeple and 3 different animals.

Watch how these animals stay in an awkard position waiting to meet their end "Willfully"

This is a beautiful Video showing the POWER of the words of ALLAH and to prove to all those people who think that the Islamic method of slaughter is in-humane.

These animals were created for a reason, and when the time comes and the process is correct, these animals submit to the power of Allah.

See more here
For the Beauty of this Islamic method.

Youtube Video

Not recommended for sensitive people, is the video below.
The video is titled, "Thank God I'm Muslim" and I can see why.

posted by abu mohammed on 3rd September 2012 - 1 comment


mohammed wrote on 10 Sep 2012
This is amazing
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