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I'm getting less reward, LOL!

6th August 2012
The title must make you think "Why in the world is he Laughing out Loud"? Or "Why is he LOLing"?

Well it all comes from a little lecture I heard yesterday. (If Admin can upload it)

It was very good little talk and the gist of it was "Dont get carried away with your Phones"

It was a funny lecture, all those who heard it laughed and passed it on.

I did the same, However, it made me think. LOL, In fact it's made Me Think Out Loud.

The Shaykh said that half of the conversations (via mobile chats) is filled with LOL. Laugh Out Loud. Which made me laugh for real.

Then I started to think, "Do I ever use LOL, if so how often". I then realised that at one time I was totally anti-LOL and it was only because I always knew it as Lots Of Love!

As time went by, I also started using it as a quick remark to say you know what. Then I looked into what I would've said had I not use LOL.

SubhanAllah, I looked back into my posts and whatsApp etc, and came to realise, that prior to this, I would have praised Allah (swt) in one way or another with, SubhanAllah, Alhumdulillah or Allahu Akbar and even InnaLillahi wa Innailayhe Rajeoon to really show my feelings.

Please try and stop using it as it is because of you that I have picked this habit up, since you are all my family members, it has rubbed of onto me.

I dont want to be left out with one tree less in Paradise for not saying SubhanAllah, and I'm sure you don't either. As we know from Hadhrat Ibrahim (as) Paradise is empty, it will only fill up with trees when we remember Allah.

The fact is that Shaitan is the winner here because he is the one Laughing Out Loud when we miss out.

Jazakallahu Khairun.
posted by abu mohammed on 6th August 2012 - 0 comments


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