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Kitab al Athar - Chapter on THE URINE OF ANIMALS ANS OTHERS

28th March 2012

Kitab al Athar - Chapter on THE URINE OF ANIMALS ANS OTHERS

34. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa informed us, 'A man (by the name of Yunus ibn Ubayd al Basri) from Basra narrated to us that al-Hasan al-Basri said, "There is no harm in the urine of any ruminant."'"

Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa used to disapprove of it, and he used to say, 'If it falls in water used for wudu, it invalidates wudu [done with that water], and if a great deal of it falls on clothing in which someone then prays, he must repeat the prayer.'"

Muhammad said, "I see no harm in it, and it does not render water, wudu water or clothing impure."

(Since in Muhammad's opinion, the urine of that whose meat we can eat is pure)

35. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa narrated to us from Hammaad that Ibrahim said concerning a man upon whose clothing a [male] infant's urine falls, 'If he hasn't eaten [solid food] and drunk [something other than his mother's milk], then it suffices if you pour some water.'"

Muhammad said, "The more pleasing of that is that one washes it, and that is the verdict of Abu Hanifa."

Respecting the urine of infant boys, words occur in different narrations, such as sprinkling, following it with water, and pouring water on it. Those who looked at the outward apparent meaning of the expressions denoting sprinkling said that one does not need to wash, and did not go very far into investigating their meanings Those who took the other meaning, said that it only needs to be washed lightly and not go into extremes such as rubbing it etc.

36. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa informed us saying, Hammaad narrated to us from Ibrahim concerninga man who urinates standing while he has dirhams [in his hands] on which is writing, meaning some Quran, and disapproved of it and said, "It would be better if they were in a pouch or whose neck is tied."'"

Muhammad said, "We adhere to this, and we disapprove of him grasping them in his hand when there is some Quran on them, and that is the verdict of Abu Hanifa."

37. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa informed us from Hammaad that Ibrahim said concerning a man who urinates standing, 'The Prophet (salallahu 'alahyi wa sallam) went to the rubbish tip of some people with his Companions and he spread his legs wide apart and then urinated standing. One of his Companions said, "So much so that we thought that his spreading his legs wide apart was for fear of the urine."'"

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