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Shaitan and Musa (AS)

19th April 2010
Prophet Musa and Shaitan

Once, Satan approached Prophet Musa (a.s) and said to him: “You are the Prophet of Allah while I am one of His sinning and disobedient creations. It is my desire that I repent before Him, so request Him to accept my repentance.”

Musa (a.s) agreed and prayed for him, whereupon Allah said: “O' Musa! I shall accept your intercession for him. Tell him to prostrate upon Adam's grave in order that I accept his repentance.”

Musa (a.s) met Satan and said: “Prostrating upon Adam's grave shall cause your repentance to be accepted.”

Hearing this, Satan said: “I did not prostrate before Adam when he was alive, how can I prostrate upon his grave now that he is dead? I shall never do such a thing!”

Then continuing, he said: “O' Musa! Since you interceded for me before Allah you have obliged me. I shall advise you to be wary of me in three places in order that you do not face damnation and ruin.

First: During anger; for in that state my soul is in your heart and my eyes into yours.

Second: During a battle (jihad); for in that state I cause the soldiers to bring their wives, children and relatives to mind in order that they turn back from the battle and flee away.

Third: Never sit with a non-mahram woman in one place for I shall whisper temptations into both of you.”

Shanidaniha-e-Tarikh, pg. 258; Mahajjatul Baidha, vol. 5, pg. 59

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sakibahsan2000 wrote on 12 Apr 2011
sakibahsan wrote on 12 Apr 2011
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