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The Qur'an remains unchanged

12th February 2012
The Qur'an remains unchanged

Research carried out to compare the various ancient Qur’anic texts reveal no differences between them.

The institute for Koranforschung, in the University of Munich (Germany) collected over 42,000 complete or incomplete ancient copies of the Qur'an. After around fifty years of research, they reported that there was no variance between the various copies, except the occasional mistakes of the copyist which could easily be ascertained.

From the above facts and research, one can conclude, with evidence, that the story of how the Qur'an came to us has to be true as told by the four Ahadith scholars of the first four centuries. Their accounts mutually agree and prove the incident which led the Qur'an to be in its present state.

"Verily We have revealed the reminder, and verily We shall preserve it." (Qur'an 15:9)

The Qur'an has been preserved in both oral and written form in a way no other book has, and with each form providing a check and balance for the authenticity of the other. Furthermore, The Qur'an is the only piece of literature which is completely memorised word for word and in order by many Muslims around the world. This is a miracle in its own self.

As further evidence of the authenticity and integrity of the Qur'an's preservation; all copies of the Qur'an that exist today remain exactly the same as each other and are also the same as the ancient preserved Qur'ans originally authenticated and distributed by Uthman.

The fact that every modern Qur'an can be checked against the ancient remaining copies of the Qur'ans sent out by Uthman and found to be exactly the same, is evidence in itself. The fact that every Qur'an, both written and memorised, are all exactly the same, testifies to the preservation of the Qur'an from the initial revelation up to modern day. This consistency also shows that any attempt to alter the Qur’anic text has failed.

It is impossible to change The Qur’an
Due to the sheer number of Qur'ans it is not possible to change them all without invading every Muslim home and Mosque in the world, and that's just for the written Qur'ans. It would be exponentially more difficult to change the Qur'ans people have committed to memory.

Even if somebody managed to change one or a few of the written Qur'ans and produced their own, altered version, it would quickly be discovered as soon as it is read either by a Muslim who knows the Qur'an by heart, or read in a gathering and the person reading it notices that it does not correspond with what is being read out loud. Even a Muslim, who does not know it by heart and doesn't read it in a gathering, will most likely notice the inconsistency in the flow and poetry of the language.

If all the Qur'ans were rounded up in a big movement against the Muslims and either changed or destroyed, Muslims would still be able to reproduce it due to the fact that many of them have committed the entire text to memory.

The Qur'an was not written by Muhammad (peace be upon him)
The Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him), could neither read nor write. He was uneducated in the area of language. I.e. he was illiterate. It is a well known fact that, in its original language, the Qur'an is a master work of poetry, which excels beyond the capability of even the most renowned and skilled poets. Many poets, after reading it, declared their amazement at such a fantastic piece of poetic mastery and declared that no human could have produced such elegantly flowing poetry.

The Qur'an itself contains information about Moses and Jesus and the other prophets who came hundreds of years before Muhammad (peace be upon him). Information that Muhammad did not know about until the verses about them were revealed in the Qur’an.

Many of the prophet's sayings and deeds were recorded and preserved. These are known as the Sunnah & Hadith. It is clear that the Qur'an (reading or recitation) is distinct from the recorded sayings and deeds (Sunnah & Hadith) of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which are instead preserved in a separate set of literature collectively called the "Ahadith"(report or narration).

Both the Qur'an and the prophet's style are different. The differences between the two in every respect, style and contents are immediately evident. The sayings of Muhammad (peace be upon him) (Ahadith) are conversational, oratorical, and expository, of a kind the Arabs were already familiar with. By contrast, the style of the Qur'an is elegant, poetic and authoritative.

The Qur'an is from God and not fabricated by Muhammad (peace be upon him)
It is a widely known fact that the Qur'an is a master work of poetry, which excels beyond the capability of even the most renowned and skilled poets. The top poets of the time have admitted that they could never even come close to such magnificence and declared that it could not be written by any man.

As well as being written in an elegantly poetic style beyond human ability, The Qur'an also contains things that no human being could have known 1400 years ago: Scientific facts in complete agreement with modern science.

The Qur’an touches upon subjects such as Astronomy, Geology, Physics, the creation of the Universe, the creation and chemical make-up of human beings, Biology and Embryology. The Qur’an mentions numerous facts about the main stages in embryonic development to an accuracy only obtainable using sensitive modern technology.

Much of the science mentioned in The Qur’an 1400 years ago was only discovered by scientists in and around the 20th century due to the recent development of highly sensitive and precise technology. Using this technology scientists have discovered, through advanced microscopic research, that the revelation of The Qur’an is word by word correct.

Taking into account the authenticity of the Qur'an and the proven fact that it was revealed 1400 years ago and preserved up to this day, with every modern copy being exactly the same as the copies verified by Uthman and witnessed by the companions of the Prophet, it is logical to inquire as to how only recently established modern scientific facts were stated in the Qur'an 1400 years ago and in every unchanged Qur'an produced since. It would have been impossible for people living in the middle of the Arabian Desert 1400 years ago to possess knowledge that scientists only discovered 1400 years later after the development of advanced technology.

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