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Jamadi置l Awal

12th April 2010
Jamadiツ置l Awal

Taken from Inter Islam (Darul Uloom Bury)

It is the fifth month of the Islamic Calendar.

Events of Jamadiツ置l Awal:-

1)The Battle "Moota" took place in 8 A.H.- A war against infidels in which th Holy Prophet did not participate. Th battle is named after a famous city in Syria (Moota). Hadrat Zaid Ibn Haritha (R.A) was the first appointed General by the Holy Prophet

2)In the same Battle Hadrat Khalid ibn Walid (fourth general of the Battle of Moota) was proclaimed by the Holy Prophet as being "one of the swords of Allah".

Matrimonies in Jamadiツ置l Awal:-

The Holy Prophet married his first beloved wife; Hadrat Khadijah (R.A) 15 years prior to Prophency.

Deaths in Jamadiツ置l Awal:-

1)Hadrat Zaid Ibn Haritha (R.A) met martyrdom in 8 A.H
2)Hadrat Ja'far Ibn Abi Talib (R.A.) met martyrdom in 8 A.H.
3)Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Rawaahah met martyrdom in 8 A.H.
4)Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Uthman (R.A.) passed away.
5)The Holy Prophet grandfather Abdul Muttalib passed away 32 years prior to prophency.
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