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Kitab al Athar - Chapter on Wudhu

16th January 2012

Kitab al Athar of Imam Abu Hanifa - Chapter on Wudhu

1. Muhammad ibn al-Hasan said, "Abu Hanifa informed us from Hammaad from Ibrahim [an-Nakha'i] from al-Aswad ibn Yazid that Umar ibn al-Khattaab (ra) performed wudu, and washed his hands twice, rinsed his mouth twice, rinsed his nose twice, washed his face twice, washed his forearms twice: backwards and forward, then wiped his head twice, and washed his feet twice. Hammaad said, 'Once suffices if it is done fully.'"

Muhammad said "This is the verdict of Abu Hanifa, and we adhere to it."

2. Muhammad ibn al-Hasan said, "Abu Hanifa informed us from Hammaad from Ibrahim [an-Nakha'i] said, 'Wash the front of your ears along with the facem, and wipe the back of your ears along with the head.'"

That was his position and ash-Sha'bi gave that verdict too, because the forepart of the ears is a part of the face and the rear part of them is a part of the head.

3. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa said, 'It has reached us that the Messenger of Allah (salallahu 'alahyi wa sallam) said, "The ears are a part of the head."'"

It has also been narrated from ibn Umar (ra) as a marfu Hadith and has been transmitted by a Sahih chain of transmissions, as narrated by Ibn Majah from Abdullah in Zayd and ad-Daaraqutni ftom ibn Abbas that the Prophet (salallahu 'alahyi wa sallam) said, "The ears are a part of the head."

Muhammad said. "It pleases us (i.e. its a part of Sunnah) that one should wipe both their fronts and their backs along with the head. And we adhere to this."

4. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa informed us, 'Abu Sufyaan [Tarif ibn Shihaab] narrated to us from Abu Nadrah [al-Mundhir ibn Malik] from Abu Said al-Khudri (ra) that the Prophet (salallahu 'alahyi wa sallam) said, "Wudu is the key to the prayer, takbir is what renders actions not fitting with the prayer impermissible and as-sallamu 'alaykum is what what renders the actions other than the prayer [such as speech and other things] permissible. A prayer without it the Opening of the Book [al-Fatihah] and some other [ayat] along with it is not valid, and give greetings in every two rak'ahs"" meaning the tashahhud."

Muhammad said, "We adhere to this, and one has done badly if he only recites the Mother of the Book [al-Fatiha], but it suffices him."

5. Imam Muhammad (ra) said, "It has reached us* that Ibn 'Abbas (ra) was asked about recitation in prayer and he said, 'It is your Imam, so if you wish recite a little, and if you wish recite much.' That is the verdict of Imam Abu Hanifa (ra).'

* And his traditions that are narrated in wordings such as 'it has reached us' do have chains of transmission.

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