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Quran doesn't agree with Science, Science agrees with the Quran

22nd November 2009
Science: Finger tips can be used for identification
Quran: Does man think We cannot assemble his bones? Yes . . . We are able to put together in perfect order the very tip of his fingers.(Al-Qiyamah[75]:3-4)"

Science: Atoms are found in pairs
Quran: Glory be to Allah, Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own (human) kind, and other things of which they have no knowledge. (Surah Yasin; Verse 36)

Science: Honey is healing for mankind
Quran: Comes from their (the bees) bellies a drink of varying colors, wherein is healing for human being. Verily in this is a sign for people who reflect.(Surah Nahl)

Science: Separation of salt and sea water
Quran: Verily He is the One Who has joined the two seas: this is palatable and sweet, and this is salty and bitter. And He made a barrier between the two of them, and a partition that is forbidden to be passed.[Al-Qur’aan 25:53]

Science: Milk as a wholesome meal
Quran: And verily for you in the cattle there is an instructive sign (lesson). We give you to drink of that which is in their bellies from between excretions and blood, pure milk palatable to the drinkers.(Surah Nahl; Verse 66)

Science: Oceans have darkness under their surfaces
Quran: Or as darkness in a vast, deep sea, there it covers waves, from above which are waves, from above which are clouds. Darkness on top of each other. If a man stretches out his hand, he can hardly see it. And whoever Allah does not make light for him, for him there is no light.(Surah Nur, Verse 40)

Science: Iron and steel
Quran: And We sent down iron, in which is severe strength and benefits for mankind. Verily in this is a sign for people who reflect.(Surah Hadid verse 25)

Science: Sun and Moon
Quran: It is not permitted to the sun to catch up with the moon, nor the night outstrip the day. Each floats in an orbit.(Surah Yasin, verse 40)

Science: Creation of living creatures from water
Quran: We made from water every living thing.(Surah Ambiyah, Verse 30)

Science: Mountains have roots inside the earth
Quran: Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse, and the mountains as pegs? (surah Nabah verse 6-7)
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