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Don't Google your way out of Islam

29th September 2009

Rabbi Zidnee I'lmaa

O Allah Increase my Knowledge

A Great Mufti said to me recently "little knowledge will take you to Hell"

Many people are asking people like me, who are NOT educated in Islam, about everyday life issues and sensitive issues which I dont have knowledge of, so please go to the Scholars.

Unfortunatley the internet is filled with dodgy stuff which can mislead us. I have come across many websites which are good that i have not mentioned below yet there are millions more which look good but are very dangerous and will lead us straight to hell. There is a lot of misleading information out there that will take you out of the fold of islam.

InshaALLAH with the few selected below this should help us to at least go in the right direction. There are many good Salafi websites but I have not included them as some of the Mas'ala they teach can contradict the teachings of the Salafus Salih (Pious Predecessors)

Please Remeber me in your Dua's Abu Mohammed.

Question and answers from UK Muftis (recommended to search for answers before asking) My Personal Favorite.

Question ans answers from South Africa

Halal Food Guide for the UK


Good place to donate to

Muslim version of Google (not tried, this does not mean that there are no dodgy muslim sites on it)

Q's and A's

Lectures, videos and book store (Shaykh Riyad ul Haq)

Islamic Answers

Bookshop, downloads etc

Darul Uloom Bury

Online version of a monthly magazine in Karachi

a site for the youths from the youths

My local Mosque

Walthamstow Mosque

Lantern of knowledge

Virtual Quran Excellent to use at work. select 13 line quran online.

Urdu Bayans, Naats and nasheeds

Darul Ul Loom Deoband

Quran, Lectures, Bayaans, Nasheeds, Nazams, Dowloads and much more by all sorts of people

Technology (Mobiles) Official Nokia Also for Iphones

Something for the kids

posted by abu mohammed on 29th September 2009 - 2 comments


Md Nasrullah Khan wrote on 9 Jan 2011
aslm, lot of great people discussing good topics in this forum
Blogger's Reply:

Unfotunately the link you have seny does not work, I know of the forum discussion, but those reading this message will not. I would be greatfull if you could send the link again.

I post on sunniforum, but unfortunately there are too many time wasters there, so I prefer to stick this site and benefit from the positive conversations. I hope you dont mind and I hope you understand.

Md Nasrullah Khan wrote on 10 Jan 2011
Quite true about the time wasters. Nevertheless sir, since it is a public forum, it is natural we find some of that, however I feel if we look at the overall picture, the benefits outweigh the possible cons by a good margin, inshAllah...however, a person who has a susceptibility to get addicted may better avoid it! I have been an addict and alhamdulillah keeping myself away for a few days now... , this link should work, hopefully!
Blogger's Reply:
Salaam, I do agree with you.

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