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Zakat - Sadaqah - Lillah - Niyaz!!

18th April 2011
I have been to hundreds of mosques around the UK.

They all have money boxes for Zakat, Sadaqah, & Lillah, but I have never seen this. A collection for Niyaz, I kn ow what Niyaz is, but can someone explain please?

posted by abu mohammed on 18th April 2011 - 2 comments


mohammed wrote on 19 Apr 2011
Sallam i found out wot niyaz is, they cook food and they i think they blow on it and put money in the box. I asked
Blogger's Reply:
Its Biddah, right?
mohammed wrote on 22 Apr 2011
Of course unless theres some narration going back to the prophet (saw)
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