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Are You Fat?

13th April 2011
It is mentioned in a Hadith: "Most certainly, Allah does not like an Aalim who is fat." (Bayhaqi) This means that the Aalim who is a practicing Aalim can never be fat on account of his services to the Deen and fear of the Hereafter.

Being fat is actually an indication of living a life of luxury and pleasure and falling into negligence. Such a person cannot be accepted. At times negligence, luxuries and pleasures are considered to be sins. Some of them are makruh, while others are below the stage of perfection.

The dislike of Allah will be according to the level of negligence. However, if a person is fat from birth or due to some illness, then this obesity will not be a cause of dislike by Allah Ta'ala.

It is mentioned in a Hadith that the most severely punished person on the day of Qiyamat will be that Aalim who did not benefit from his knowledge. (Jaami as-Sagheer)

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