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13th April 2011
Salaam, this blog will direct to the forum discussion regarding stories on the Beard.

A beard is Fardh upon men if they have facial hair. It is a sin for them to shave or trim it less than one fist length.

A man without a beard is a woman basically.

Please see the link above.
Usama Clean Laden

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posted by abu mohammed on 13th April 2011 - 1 comment


Shaykh Bin Bas wrote on 13 Apr 2011
Hanafi madhab:
To trim the beard when it is less than a fist’s length, as done by some modern people and hermaphrodites is not permissible in the opinion of all the jurists. To shave the beard as done by unorthodox Jews, Hindus and others is also not permissible.
(Durre Mukhtar)

Maliki madhab:
To shave the beard is haram and to trim it in such a manner that it changes one’s natural and normal facial features is also haram. It is also quoted in Kitabul Ib’daa’, that without doubt the four Madhabs are agreed that the beard should be lengthened and that shaving it is haram.

Shafi madhab:
It is quoted in Al Ibaab’, that Imaam ibn Ar’rifaah says that Imaam Shafe’ee, in his book, Kitabul Umm, has categorically stated that shaving the beard is haram.
Al Azraiy says that the correct position in the Shafe’ee madhab is that to shave the beard without a valid medical reason is haram. Similar verdict of prohibition has been issued by Zarakhshi, Baihaqi in his book, Shu’ab Al Iman, and by his teacher Qa’ffal Shashi in Muhasin As Shar’iyyah.

Hanbali madhab:
It is narrated in Shar’hul Muntahaa’ and Shar’hul Manzoomatul Adaab, the most accepted view is that it is haram to shave the beard. Some Ulama like the author of ‘Insaf’, have categorically stated that it is haram. There is no report from anyone to the contrary.
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