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40 Hadith recited by Shaikh Saad al-Ghamadi

4th April 2011
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To see the full 40 Hadith plus 2 by Imam Nawawi, recited by Shaikh Saad al-Ghamadi with English Translation please see the link below.

It is mentioned in a Hadith that even if one person accepts Islam at the hands of someone, he will definitely get paradise. (Tabrani)
In this Hadith there are glad tidings of dying in a state of Iman because if a person dies in a state of Iman, he will definitely enter paradise. To make someone a Muslim is actually the work of an aalim.

What guidance will a jaahil who does not even know the rules himself be able to give to others? Here, aalim does not refer to a ranking aalim. Instead, his virtue will be according to whatever knowledge he has.

It is related in a Sahih Hadith that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever conveys forty Ahadeeth to my ummah, I will make a special intercession for him on the day of Qiyamat." (Jaami as-Sagheer)

Here, "conveying" is general - it could be done through teaching, through writing, or by delivering lectures. In other words, convey it in any way as long as it is conveyed to the people. It is for this reason that the ulama have written many compilations of "Forty Ahadeeth".

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