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Deformed Children

28th March 2011
The Will of Allah.

O People, if you are in any doubt regarding the resurrection, then
(reflect), Verily, We (Allah) have created you from sand, then from a sperm
drop, then from a clot of congealed blood, then from a lump of flesh formed
(i.e. properly shaped) and (sometimes) deformed so that we display to you
(our power). we keep you in (your mothers) wombs for an appointed time as We
please, then We extract you as an infant.' (Hajj 5)

The decision to create a fully and properly formed child or deformed one is
the decree of Allah Ta'ala. Deformities in the unborn child are not the
result of any accident. These are by Divine design as the aforementioned Qur
'aanic Aayat explicitly states. It is Allah Ta'ala who decides if a child is
to be born with a deformity.

The stages: according to Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam), forty
days after after fertilisation the Nutah (sperm drop) develops into Alaqah
(clot of congealed blood). Within the next 40 days, the Alaqah develops into
the Mudhghah (lump of flesh). At the end of the third 40 day period (i.e.
120 days after fertilisation), an angel is sent to breathe rooh (life/soul)
into the foetus. At this stage, the angel calls to Allah, 'Oh my Rabb!
Mukhallaqah or ghayr mukhallaqah?'

'Mukhallaqah' means a properly and fully formed child. 'Ghayr Mukhallaqah'
means a deformed child. Thus, the development of the foetus into a properly
formed or malformed (deformed) child is decreed by Allah Ta'ala. Allah Ta'
ala in His infinite wisdom decides whether the foetus will develop into a
properly formed or malformed (deformed) person. Since this is the Divine
Decree, it does not behove the Mu'min to register displeasure and discontent
when Allah Ta'ala bestows a deformed child to him/her. Parents should
understand that the foetus is a gift from Allah Ta'ala. It is destined to
develop into a human being. The bestowal of a child to a parent is a
wonderful Ni'mat, irrespective of the child being born deformed. Regardless
of the condition of the gift, it should always be remembered that the gift
is the bestowal of Allah, Rabbul Izzat, the creator Who had chosen the
deformed form for the child.

There are many benefits and Great Wisdom in the creation of deformed
children. Allah Ta'ala Alone is Aware thereof. But on the day of Qiyaamat
the parents who had accepted the Divine Choice will be overjoyed when they
behold the immense rewards which Allah will bestow to them for their
contentment and service of love and sacrifice which they had offered the
child on earth. Thus, whether the child is born sick or deformed, parents
should wholeheartedly accept it and not bemoan their fate. Muted silence
(i.e. a forced Sabr) is not the attitude which the Muslim parents should
display when they have been awarded a deformed child. While it is not said
that one should ask Allah for deformed children, it is imperative that
displeasure and complaint should never be the attitude when a deformed child
is born. Allah Ta'ala knows why He had bestowed a malformed child to the
parents. When deformed child is born, the parents should accept it with
love. The Thawaab for this attitude of love is tremendous. We are sure that
the reward for the service of love which the parents will offer their
deformed child, will be the ranks of martyrdom. Parents who care lovingly
for well-formed daughters will be very close to Rasulullah (Sallallaahu
Alayhi Wasallam) in Jannah. The proximity will be greater in the case of
having cared lovingly for deformed children. The deformed child shoud not be
viewed with disgust and displeasure. Allah's Ni'mat should be accepted
wholeheartedly with gratitude. He knows what is best for His creation.

Majlis vol11 no.8
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