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Muhammad - The Correct Spelling

28th January 2011
The name of our Beloved has taken over as the NUMBER ONE NAME IN THE UK. (also in the Netherlaands). It has been like this for many years, but because of different spelling, they could not collect all the data required or they were too affraid to admit that Islam and Muhammad are dominating the World. Alhumdulillah.

The name Muḥammad (note the dot under the h, this is from the dictionary of congress that I was talking about in the thread of PRAISE and the spelling of AlHumdu, The dot makes the "h" into a big HA in Arabic) is the strictest and primary transliteration of the Arabic given name (Arabic: مُحَمَّد) that comes from the Arabic passive participle and triconsonantal root of Ḥ-M-D; Praise.

The name is also transliterated as Mohammad (primarily in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan), Muhammad (in India and Bangladesh), Muhammed (Arab World, primarily in North Africa), Mohamed and Mohamad (Arab World), Muhammad (Arab World), Muhammed, Muhamed (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Muhammed, Muhamed, Muhammet, or Muhamet (Turkey and Albania).

In Latin, it is Mahometus (hence Italian Maometto) and Μωάμεθ (Moameth) in Greek. In Catalan and in Spanish it is Mahoma, and in Galician it is Mamede. In Russia it is Мухаммад (Mukhammad), another common spelling is Магомед (Magomed). In Somali it is Maxamed. While in Senegal and in other West African nations, the variant is Mamadou. In Kazakh, the name is Махамбет (Makhambet). In Chinese, it is written as 穆罕默德 (Mùhǎnmòdé).

There is a lot more info on the forum, please check it out:



- Muhammad

- Muhammed

- Muhamad

- Muhamed

- Mohammed

- Mohammad

- Mohamed

- Mohamad

- Mahamed

- Mahamid

- Mehmet (Turkish)

- Muhammet (Turkish & Albanian)

- Muhamet (Turkish & Albanian)

- Mahometus (Italian)

- Maometto (Italian)

- Μωάμεθ (Greek)

- Moameth (Greek)

- Mahoma (Catalan and in Spanish)

- Mamede (Galician)

- Мухаммад (Russian)

- Mukhammad (Russia)

- Магомед (Russia)

- Magomed (Russia)

- Maxamed (Somalia)

- Mamadou (Senegal and in other West African nations).

- Махамбет (Kazakh)

- Makhambet (Kazakh)

- 穆罕默德 (Chinese)

- Mùhǎnmòdé (Chinese)

- Mo (Chinese)

- Mu (Chinese)

- Mai (Chinese)

posted by abu mohammed on 28th January 2011 - 3 comments


AbdulHameed Malik wrote on 31 Oct 2011
Salaamun Alaikum.

Some more than 30 years passed I learned through press that two spellings of Muslims' concerned have been agreed upon internationally:
1. Makkah:
which was normally written by Westren press as

2. Muhammad [SAWS]:
Mohd; Moham... a lot of formats by different countries Muslims due to their accent and sounds of English letters.
For Example Turks & Greek cannot pronounce "K" as kettle or Kit but pronounce it "CH" as in child.
I noted it during Hajj [which is pronounced by Egyptians as "HUG" as in MUG]; and also translitterate " Allahu Akbar" to " ... Achber" as in chair.

THe problem is in the "Translitteration" of Arabic in other languages. People know not to care when writing in English.

May any one suggest its solution.

[ Example of Greek is from one of the Greek-Muslimah Xenia Yasmin having a lot of work for Islam wrote in her post "Allahu Achbar "].
Waa Salaam.
Blogger's Reply:
Jazakallahu khair for taking the time to read and comment on my blog.
InshaAllah, I will put your suggestion onto the forum also for others to reflect on.
Vahith Khan Khaleel Basha wrote on 25 Aug 2015
Jazakallah khair for rectify my doubt abt our Prophets (SAWS) name spelling.
Muhammad Aamir Khan wrote on 28 Feb 2016
1st of all, I just want to tell u all Muslims. Put 'Muhammad' before your name. Because Allah loves the most those, who written Muhammad before their name. And 2nd thing, please don't write shortcut for writing 'Muhammad'. Example, MD., Mohd., or Moham., etc. And the 3rd thing is that please write 1st letter of Allah, Muhammad, Islam, Muslim, Qur'an, Masjid, Makkah, Madina, and Jannat, etc in capital letter. (may be these aren't the part of Hadith or Qur'an. But we must respect them by our own ideas). Jazak'Allahu-khair. Please make Dua for me and my Family members.
Allah Hafiz
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