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In The Court Of Allah

13th February 2014

O' dear servant I've been expecting you, come a bit closer so I can deal with you,

Is it true what the angels say,that your scroll of bad deeds heavily outweighs?

O' Allah let me explain, it is true many of thy commandments I did break,
I wore a Muslim badge, but only by name, ignorance of thy faith I did display,
I laughed and jeered, at thy servants who refrained on earth,
And thought them foolish, for their lustful restraints,
I said not for me, I want to enjoy my life,

Nothing to refrain me from having a good time.

It is true Allah; I did recognise thee in my life.
But please allow me to justify my performance of my life:
I might have walked on earth like an arrogant soul,
But I never killed or murdered anyone,
It is true my roving eyes, I never controlled,
But I took a few lustful glances and that was all,
Told a few lies along life's way, but it was just to disguise my sins,
And to protect the feelings of the ones that cared,
I abused thy wealth thou bestowed upon me,
But it's fine, because I never stole or took from anybody,
Spoke to my loved ones in a very harsh manner, and broke their hearts,
But it doesn't matter; I was only proving my power!

Just didn't make time to read thy words in the Holy Qur'an,
Magazines and tabloid papers, I read and followed,
Dressed everyday in the latest designer style,
But that's ok, because I was always clean and smart,
I bent thy rules along life's way, but please not into hell throw me away!

O' dear servant you chose to ignore my signs,

I kept coming close to you, but you just kept turning away,

Many chances did I give you to mend your ways and change your life,

But you chose to ignore my calls, and indulge in sin and live an evil life.

You have justified your own actions on earth,

Their were many unlike you, whom when called by me accepted and obeyed my terms,

It is true Allah I did not worship thee, but now I am here I submit to thee,

I'm afraid the angels cannot write anymore in thy scrolls in thy favour,

Your scroll was tied up, when you took your final breath on earth.

You seem to know what you did wrong when you walked on my land,

You have justified all your evil actions when you lived on earth,

you knew the difference between what was right and wrong,

Since you know so very much about your own deeds and actions,

You tell me which place of eternal abode you deserve to be placed in?

posted by Taalibah on 13th February 2014 - 2 comments


Farida Jogee wrote on 13 Feb 2014
MashaAllah what a beautiful poem, how true, we've become so entwined in this world and the times gone so quickly. Whatever time it is its time to ask for forgiveness and do good in the world. Try a little bit more everyday. Inshallah Allah knows best.
umme muhammad wrote on 6 May 2014
Assalaamu alykum.

Well written, there is nothing else what i can write.
But its a little wake up call for as flagrant sinners claiming to be mumeneen and the waali of Allah.

May Allah guide , protect and bless you always and accept your service.

Wa salaam
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