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Intoxicated in the remembrance of Allah

11th December 2013
Friends! I am addressing you with a heart filled with pain. What I am presenting you with is the epitome, the summary, and the essence of my seventeen years of service to Shaykh Shah Abdul Ghani r.a. It is not something acquired at ease. It is by the blessing and Grace of Allah سبحانه وتعالى

Now! Nowhere does my gaze roam.
On nobody does my gaze fall - now.
Engrossed and effaced I stand
in the court of beauty.

Another sign is that one remains engrossed and intoxicated in the remembrance of Allah سبحانه وتعالى One's gaze does not fall on the helpless beggars that are His creation but falls on Him who satisfies the needs of all beggars. One does not look at Layla but at him who endowed Layla with beauty. One does not look with longing at wealth but remains absorbed with Him who enriches the wealthy. One, in short, becomes independent of the entire creation. Whether it is the universe of beauty, wealth, power or fame, one restricts the entry of such mortals to within the precincts of one's heart. What sign will be mortals to within one's heart. What sign will be manifested in one who has been attracted by Allah? In the words of manifested in one who has been attracted by Allah? In the words of Khwaaja Aziz ul Hazan Majzoub r.a. this will be one's condition.

Whose coming has caused the brilliance of the gathering to diminish?
The specks of light have been substituted by sparks spurting forth from the heart.

The entire universe loses its value in one's sight and estimation. The ephemeral beauty that is comparable to the splendour of the sun or the radiance of the moon no longer impresses one. One is granted the divine guidance to save one's sight from the beauties of the world. This is a special sign of jazb (attraction).
Khwaaja r.a. in this regard says:

I was but a single thunder bolt that struck
thereafter I know not
but when I looked within my bosom,
there was no heart, no soul.

Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb DB
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