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What Does Zikr (Remembrance) Mean?

24th November 2013
What does zikr (remembrance) mean?
Shaykh Hakeem ul Ummah r.a. in tafseer (commentary) Bayaan ul Qur'an states:
"Allah says, "Remember Me."

How should we remember Allah?
"You will be in My remembrance by being obedient to Me."

Therefore: If one's parents are ill, that person should postpone his Nawaafil (optional Salah prayer), tilawat (recitation of Qur'an) and zikr (meditation in the the remembrance of Allah), and attend to their medical needs. At such a time, this is zikr (remembrance) of Allah. The wife is sick but one does not see to her treatment and cure because one is absorbed in muraaqabah (meditation), it will lead to the disrepute of the Sufi's.

People will say, "do not marry Sufi's, for they sit with eyes closed, they remain on the Arsh (Throne of Allah), they do not fulfil the rights of those on the Farsh (earth)."

The wife will complain, "i was sick but he remained in muraaqabah (meditation) in the Masjid. He does not not care about me."

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