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Muraad & Mureed

22nd November 2013
"Allah draws or attracts towards Himself, whomsoever He will. And He guides towards Himself, one who inclines towards Him." (Ash Shura 42:13)

In Tajalliat-e-Jazb (Manifestation of Allah's Attraction) by Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib D.B, it has been written about Muraad (one who is sought after) and Mureed (the one who is a seeker) through the example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahualayhiwassalam and Prophet Moosa Alayhissalam.

At present...
The Muraad (one who is sought after) is endowed with the attribute of jazb (attraction) and is pulled or attracted by Allah swt towards Himself. Allah swt has intended to make this chosen servant His, and is pulling the Muraad towards Himself without the Muraad having to make much mujahadah (effort)

Whereas, the Mureed (seeker) who is seeking Allah swt's attraction, turns his attention towards Allah, the Mureed engages himself in thikr, presents himself in the khidmet of his Shaykh, making concerted effort (mujahadah) to refrain from all types of minor and major sins, this person will eventually be blessed with jazab (attraction), as without Jazb (attraction) a person cannot acquire the closeness of Allah swt.

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Abu Taalib Al Deobandi wrote on 24 Nov 2013
Subhaana Allaah!
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