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I love you so....

16th October 2013
Youtube Video
posted by Taalibah on 16th October 2013 - 4 comments


abu mohammed wrote on 16 Oct 2013
You need to delete this for the link to work

Blogger's Reply:
Link working on forum but not no idea why....trying to sort it out, Jazakallah
Yasin wrote on 16 Oct 2013
Please leave the above as it is, I will sort this soon inshaAllah so no need to update code.
Blogger's Reply:
S YOUNIS wrote on 19 Oct 2013
plz remove this post from this, it is not good for ur site for future
Blogger's Reply:
Brother/sister, please kindly explain why think this blog needs to be removed?
shaik ateeq wrote on 21 Oct 2013
assalamalykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
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