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King of the DAY!

4th October 2013
Halalified YouTube Audio

The Fatiha is recited 17 times a day at the minimum, yet as Muslims do we understand what it means. Allah Subhaanuhuwata'aala begins the Qur'an with this chapter, Allah Subhaanuhuwata'aala chose this chapter to continuously remind us, who is the King of the Day of Judgement?

SubhaanAllah! so beautiful.
posted by Taalibah on 4th October 2013 - 1 comment


farida Jogee wrote on 4 Oct 2013
MashaAllah , so beautifully translated, we know so little. May Allah help teach us to understand his messages.
Blogger's Reply:
Aameen to your duas sis. May Allah help us in all our worldly and deeni affairs..Aameen xxx
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