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Positive And Negative Thoughts

23rd September 2013

posted by Taalibah on 23rd September 2013 - 2 comments


Farida wrote on 23 Sep 2013
I'm really glad, you wrote about this. In the first instant it was hard to grasp because I put my hands up, I do this quite often, I took it as sixth sense but I definitely need to learn to remember that shaytan is playing with me. Thank you so much for writing about this as we all take it for granted hat what we think about is always correct.
Blogger's Reply:
There are further posts to come on this topic, which I think you will find very beneficial, I found this topic very beneficial and it changed my way of thinking in many ways....I'm glad it helped.
success kid wrote on 26 Sep 2013
pls am waiting for further post on this topic because this one realy help me. Jazakumu llah khaeran.
Blogger's Reply:
Hoping to update this topic within next few days inshaAllah.
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